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Dragon Ball: The Sentiments Beneath the Surface  by icecream8114
Dragon Ball: The Sentiments icecream8114
Goku....a saiyan, protector of Earth. Dead for 7 years now. This greatly impacted all of his friends, but mostly his family. Milk can't withstand the grief, while Gohan...
Playful Kiss (DBZ) by DulcetShoujo
Playful Kiss (DBZ)by Mia
[Hiatus] T/M Trunks Ouji Briefs is the prince of the school. Marron is just a lowly little speck crushing oh-so-hard on him. But when fate brings them to stay under the...
Mend My Heart (DBZ) by DulcetShoujo
Mend My Heart (DBZ)by Mia
[ONESHOT]"Because everything I see is a constant reminder of what I don't have and what I do want." Three months after visiting the present timeline a second t...
How To Be A Heartbreaker (DBZ) by DulcetShoujo
How To Be A Heartbreaker (DBZ)by Mia
She's a heartbreaker. The one that loves the rush of danger. Has the hearts of all her strangers and breaks them with no precaution whatsoever. Watch your step you just...
Raindrops by DulcetShoujo
Raindropsby Mia
Marron moves to West City, chasing her dreams as a fashion writer. Trunks disillusioned with life finds a new spark through a rekindled friendship. What will become of t...