Dragon Ball: The Se...
By icecream8114
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Goku....a saiyan, protector of Earth. Dead for 7 years now. This greatly impacted all of his friends, but mostly his family. Milk can't withstand the grief, while Gohan has to stay strong for her. Vegeta has lost all fighting spirit, which was seemingly impossible. Can they survive the pain? Will Goku ever come back? This story is based off of the series Dragon Ball, so I don't own any of the characters. I also don't own the cover picture. There will be some changes in the plot, but for the most part it will be the same to the original story. I will include a bunch of flasbacks and time skips, so be ready.I will also focus on the character's feelings and thoughts, weird I know. But please bear with me because it will get interesting. 😁

He's Gone

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Dragon Ba...
by icecream8114