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Shawn Mendes BoyxBoy Imagines  by imshawnmendess_daddy
Shawn Mendes BoyxBoy Imagines by shawn mendes’ daddy
im new at writing period. not even close to writing good smut haha... these Imagines will contain gay smut... if you don't like that please dont read and PS i know shawn...
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Delusionals  - [BXB] by ughitsmariii
Delusionals - [BXB]by M J R
#1 in wattpride 12/24/18 #8 in bxblove 12/24/18 #1 in gay 2/28/19 delusion n. 1. a belief that is not true 2. a false idea ...
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BLUE EYED BOY (Tracob | DDLB) by whotracob
BLUE EYED BOY (Tracob | DDLB)by jacobxbitxh
Book originally made by @human_afterall make sure to read their version! Ty for letting me use your book 😍😘😘 Daddy!Jacob Little!/Fem! Troye DDLB Fem Smuttt too!!
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fool |tracob| by spillinglove
fool |tracob|by 🌲
the one where troye falls for the new boy • trigger warning •
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The Rockstar That Stole Her Heart by Bunny41603
The Rockstar That Stole Her Heartby ℭ𝔩𝔞𝔲𝔡𝔦𝔞ღ
Twenty five year old actress Victoria Rose Hadleigh and rapper Colson Baker (aka Machine Gun Kelly), get close on Instagram, a bit lovey dovey at one point. What goes on...
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ENEMIES ▷ T. CHALAMET by visionsofelio
@summerlester_ guys stop i will never admit i love timothée's green eyes | @summerlester_ shit i think i just did
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Since We Were 18 ⭐Nouis⭐ by DYoongiT
Since We Were 18 ⭐Nouis⭐by MinJinx
"You know what I find interesting?" I looked up at him and shook my head. "Human hands." I gave him a confused look. "Why?" "Because...
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tame ❤ tracob by -sweetboysivan
tame ❤ tracobby kitty
you're so pretty when you cry
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txt msg -tracob by bitchybix
txt msg -tracobby cas 🕹
how i imagine tracob texting looks like
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Instagram | h.s by payngel
Instagram | h.sby h o o d
harrystyles liked your post... social media book # 1. ©payngel
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DING (tracob)  by tracobphobix
DING (tracob) by cry!
Tracob fic with lots of pinning and sex Highest Ranking: #1 in TroyeSivan #1 in Connorfranta #1 in TylerOakley
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sued into submission 🌷 tracob by -sweetboysivan
sued into submission 🌷 tracobby kitty
"troye sivan, you've been served." the man in a black coat says, handing me a folder. i clench my jaw, taking it. "all i did was spill a coffee on the blo...
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Can't Stay Tranquil (BoyxBoy) by Drillburger
Can't Stay Tranquil (BoyxBoy)by Ken Kaneki
Oliver a timid, reserved, maybe underaged, University freshman is far from prepared for what he gets faced with in the University. He's never been in love or even gotten...
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Waiting For You by valentina7writer
Waiting For Youby Valentina
In a universe where after puberty hits a telepathic bond is created between two soulmates, Hunter has been waiting for his soulmate bond to form for three years. He has...
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billie and the girl by dreamercth
billie and the girlby Megs
Imagines/ mini series/ girlxgirl Requests are always open!
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the gang leaders rose || boyxboy by parysx
the gang leaders rose || boyxboyby parys
as i'm walking down the hallway i feel someone bump into me, i'm ready to go off because everyone knows not to disturb me. i look down and see the most beautiful boy i h...
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He's Not Like Them- Troyler AU by SunnMackenzie
He's Not Like Them- Troyler AUby SunnMackenzie
Troye is different than the other angels at Tyler's academy. Everyone else seems to be pushed away from him and Tyler doesn't understand why he only gravitates towards h...
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All I Think About Is You (Camren) by OpSkater
All I Think About Is You (Camren)by OpSkater
When you have all the same friends, it's really hard to avoid your ex. It's been two months and Camila and Lauren are still trying to find their new balance. They run in...
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lyricist. timothée chalamet by fredmercuryy
lyricist. timothée chalametby k
@tchalamet: do you believe in love at first sight. she asked @coramellet: i think so. maybe. i don't know. he said *✭˚・゚✧*・゚* ・゚*✭˚・゚✧ in which a broken man meets a heal...
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☁️Billie Eilish Imagines And Preferences🏹 by fatherpeters
☁️Billie Eilish Imagines And Dad
Help,I lost myself...again?
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