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Little One | Tracob  by coffeesandcaramel
Little One | Tracob by Beth 🍼
"How long will you love me for, daddy?" "Forever and ever little one" "Forever?" "Forever."
sonder by pureloving
sonderby 🎀
in which troye works at jacob's favourite thrift store.
the healing • tracob ✓ by meIodramas
the healing • tracob ✓by !
maybe, that's all troye thinks
BLUE EYED BOY (Tracob | DDLB) by whotracob
BLUE EYED BOY (Tracob | DDLB)by cutiemoagyu
Book originally made by @human_afterall make sure to read their version! Ty for letting me use your book 😍😘😘 @unopened-windows new @ Daddy!Jacob Little!/Fem! Troye D...
brittle bones | tracob au by colormesivan
brittle bones | tracob auby ♡
"I break like glass." Troye Sivan was diagnosed with Osteogenesis imperfecta at a young age. It is a disease that causes his bones to break easily, a disease t...
sued into submission 🌷 tracob by -sweetboysivan
sued into submission 🌷 tracobby kitti
"troye sivan, you've been served." the man in a black coat says, handing me a folder. i clench my jaw, taking it. "all i did was spill a coffee on the blo...
small boy |tracob| by sweetestbix
small boy |tracob|by Iz
"and who must you be, hmm?" the small boy giggled. "i little troye!"
flatmates 🌷 tracob by -sweetboysivan
flatmates 🌷 tracobby kitti
straight with gay tendencies
wanted most - tracob by bixenmans
wanted most - tracobby ㅤㅤ
troye mellet is a thief, and a damn good one at that. most have heard of him. most don't understand him. and jacob bixenman is the fbi agent who can never seem to catch...
stockholm syndrome - tracob by bixenmans
stockholm syndrome - tracobby ㅤㅤ
stockholm syndrome 1. an emotional attachment to a captor formed by a hostage as a result of continuous stress, dependence, and a need to cooperate for survival.
Gods & Monsters by a_sadcypress
Gods & Monstersby rosesinlove
The instructions were simple: seduce and destroy Troye Sivan. Not once did they discuss the option of Jacob actually falling in love. So, naturally, that's exactly what...
snapchat | tracob by heavenlychalamet
snapchat | tracobby el
troye_da_boy : sorry who's this? jacobbix : you're troy from the party last night right? * I did mean to spell it troy so pls don't attack me lmao*
please dont say you love me // tracob au by heavenonIyknows
please dont say you love me // x
troye doesn't believe he'll ever be able to fall in love or be loved again after suffering the worst kind of loss someone can suffer. but as soon as jacob lays eyes on t...
such a tease 🍭 tracob {DISCONTINUED} by -honeybix
such a tease 🍭 tracob { ʀɪᴀ 🍯
!!cover credit @strawbsivan via instagram!! details in first part ?
Oui ⭐ tracob au by herricanne
Oui ⭐ tracob auby jo
"Hey boy with blue eyes, got a nice ass there, huh?" "Oui?" ◆ Or where Troye is an Exchange Student from France and Jacob is a straight fuckboy who...
Tracob Oneshots by snowbazxtracob
Tracob Oneshotsby snowbazxtracob
Just a collection of oneshots about Troye and Jacob. Lot's of fluff! Highest ranks #3 in gayfluff #3 in tracob fluff #4 in tracob #5 in gay fluff #7 in jacobbix #19 in...
lost memories; tracob  by ultralifestyles
lost memories; tracob by mel
***this is a larry fanfic translated to tracob originally posted on AO3 by freasharold****
Two of Us, Then You by Heavenlyfool
Two of Us, Then Youby Elle
Jacob Bixenman is - 20 years old A sophomore in college Gay A single father to the child he wasn't planning on having but loves more than life. Troye Mellet is - Gay Try...