Better Place || Flo...
By ashido0yamada
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Y/N and Floyd, two trolls in love. But being in the pop trolls biggest boy band meant that any relationship with any band member puts you centre stage for all the drama. You and Floyd kept your relationship under wraps, especially since your mother was Brozone's choreographer. You and Floyd learn how to keep your relationship on the downlow while also keeping it a secret from his brothers, even your best friend, Clay. But when the band breaks up, he leaves the Troll Tree to start his solo career, that was a little over 20 years ago. Now at the wedding of Bridget and Kind Grissle, John Dory shows up unannounced. When he tells you and Branch that the love of your life is being drained of his talent and life, you set out on a journey to find the missing Brozone brothers. What will happen between all the brothers? Will they finally know the truth about Y/N and Floyd? What happens after the adventure of a lifetime for the couple? --- This adventure contains scenes that are totally by me, from the past and future. We learn about Brozone's history, the origins between Floyd and Y/N and the new adventures the couple get up to after Mount Rageous. I've taken this in a different direction, rather than a traditional reader insert, I've decided to use Trolls 3 as a guide for the adventure and show it through the perspective of Y/N. Don't worry, it's still heavily influenced by Trolls 3 and follows its general story line of per-curing all the Brozone brothers to save Floyd. --- I do not own any of the Trolls franchise, I only own all the information and descriptions of (Y/N) --- 1/2/24 - 1# troyesivan 7/1/24 - 4# clay 15/03/24 - 1# trolls3 10/03/24 - 1# floydxreader 1/04/24 - 1# veener

First Show of the Tour (Part I)

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Better Pl...
by ashido0yamada