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🧌 How To Befriend A Troll 🧌 (A Silly Guide Book) by JoltJackalope
🧌 How To Befriend A Troll 🧌 (A JoltJackalope
What If Trolls Existed In Real Life Among Humans? This Book That Will Teach You All What To Do If You Want To Become Friends With A Troll. This Is "Slightly" I...
🌈 Trolls Oneshots 🌈 by JoltJackalope
🌈 Trolls Oneshots 🌈by JoltJackalope
I Take "Suggestions" For Chapter Ideas But I Don't Take Requests. Just Some Cute, Short Stories Featuring Poppy, Branch, And The Other Trolls Characters. \(^_^...
Trolls: Tales Of The Band [SEASON 2] by George_Beard
Trolls: Tales Of The Band [ ☆ George_Beard ☆
In This Season, Things Get Odder And Crazier! As BroZone Dives Deeper Into Their School Lives, Along With Their New Friends GalZone, They Get Engaged Into Unexpected Ro...
Life in trollstopia: after math of trolls band together by Sandrastar1
Life in trollstopia: after math Sandrastar1
(This is a redo of my Life in trollstopia:aftermath of trolls band together) These are story's that take place after trolls band together, in these stories clay,john dor...
The Return of velvet. by Sandrastar1
The Return of Sandrastar1
(This is a redo of my the return of velvet story i did this year) Taking place after the events of trolls band together: After Floyd has a nightmare about velvet, his br...
Love Blossoms in trollstopia by Sandrastar1
Love Blossoms in trollstopiaby Sandrastar1
(This is a redo of my synth x laguna story i was working on) Here are stories of laguna and synth as they go from being just great friends to becoming boyfriend and gir...
Scrapped Together  by Fantastamazingfan
Scrapped Together by Fantastamazingfan
Scrap: NOUN; a small piece or portion; a fragment. ADJECTIVE; consisting of pieces or fragments. VERB; to break up into pieces for discarding or reworking. BroZone was m...
⭐️ My Trolls Headcanons ⭐️ by JoltJackalope
⭐️ My Trolls Headcanons ⭐️by JoltJackalope
Just Some Random Headcanons That came up with For Fun! (Yes I'm Insane) ^_^ Feel Free To Tell Me About Your Own Headcanons In The Comments. You Are Also Welcome To Use A...
Trolls Fanfiction Book by supersader9
Trolls Fanfiction Bookby Emily S
This book will mostly have Branllex (Branch x Trollex, in case no one has figured it out), but I can also mix things up in there. I can make the trolls humans, write abo...
💞 Rating Trolls Ships 💞 by JoltJackalope
💞 Rating Trolls Ships 💞by JoltJackalope
Give me Trolls Ships and I'll Rate them For You. (Rules are in the First Chapter)
The Hidden Legacy: A Trolls AU by VillainRasazy
The Hidden Legacy: A Trolls AUby toriplaytimech2
Poppy and her friends are getting ready for the Harmony Festival, but Val is having a hard time in Volcano Rock City, she wants adventure, but she's only 09 years old, w...
Trolls: Band Together (Shorts) by MasterClass60
Trolls: Band Together (Shorts)by MasterClass60
Come get roped into a bunch of wild and wacky adventures that our Troll friends get into after the events of Band Together! You'll be in for a wild time and have a laugh...
My Art Book by ju1esxx_
My Art Bookby Jules
Just a bunch of drawings😁
Bloody Infection (AU multifandom crossover ENGLISH) by KlfunsskXD
Bloody Infection (AU multifandom iMoonBlaze
(It is a crossover world of several fandoms) SYNOPSIS A few years ago a strange plague appeared that plagued all those victims to turn into vampires and blood-hungry cre...
Trolls: Band Together (AU Version) by MasterClass60
Trolls: Band Together (AU Version)by MasterClass60
When Branch discovers that his brother, Floyd, has been trapped by Velvet and Veneer, he and Poppy go on a journey to find the rest of Branch's brothers, reunite BroZone...
Trolls: Captured by NithiyaSree0
Trolls: Capturedby Nitnit
Everything was perfectly fine. All the trolls living in Harmony like the usual. Singing and dancing, singing and dancing, singing and dance- you know stuff! . However, T...
Trolls: The Bro-Trip  by George_Beard
Trolls: The Bro-Trip by ☆ George_Beard ☆
When Invited To Their Cousin's Wedding, BroZone Emarks On A Road Trip Odyssey To Make It In Time To Perform, But This Trip Ends Up More Chaotic Than Expected. [This Sto...
Curse of the Weretroll (rewrite) by Photrollartophy
Curse of the Weretroll (rewrite)by Taylor Moore
When Branch discovers that something is changing inside of him... he will do anything to get himself back to normal... Warning... there are some pretty gruesome scenes...
The brother secret..  by moveimcomin
The brother secret.. by moveimcomin
Just a reminder that this fan art does not own by me- Charc: Poppy DJ Suki King Trollex Laguna Synth Branch Val Holly