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gacha club ocs and fandoms and aftons 2 by Midnight_maniacMoon
gacha club ocs and fandoms and Midnight Freakshow
there will be one rule for this one no lemons or too inappropriate things that's all i ask you can ship urself woth one of my ocs or adopt one as your own
Ask Or Dare My Gacha OCs! by eg_1223
Ask Or Dare My Gacha OCs!by eg
This is a book where you can ask any four of my Gacha OCs! The names are Aza, Zaz, October, and December! Aza and Zaz are roommates in a sence, however they act very di...
Gacha Club by GT_Nova
Gacha Clubby GT_Nova
Like my Gacha Life book, this is for memes, funny things, venting, in Gacha form. Except I document any of my findings of glitches, bugs, and other features as well.
THE MUSIC IN MY HEART(TMF fanfic)  by Mystic_Misty_
THE MUSIC IN MY HEART(TMF fanfic) by _-Misty-_
Hello! Misty here! welcome at the description, I just wanna say that there characters are owned by Rosyclozy! anyways, I hope you'll enjoy the fanfic!
OC Book by Star_Fruit_Lover
OC Bookby ✨Harmony✨
This is just a book filled with random things of my OC's like challenges, bios, etc. Nothing to see here :)
Lander Oneshots by The_Weirdo_Trio
Lander Oneshotsby Lander shippers
(COVER ART NOT OURS! Made by a friend, Ashe. Insta: So we 3 decided to join forces and make a book of Lander oneshots! 21stWee...
My Gacha Life Book by XSmoke_And_MirrorsX
My Gacha Life Bookby Remy
This book includes my ocs and other people's ocs! Cover By My Amazing Friend @HeySDJ This book includes my past ocs and ones I use now Started - 14th November 2018 Finis...
💬 | What is going on?! | The Music Club Group Chat | A The Music Freaks Fanfic by AquaGacha123
💬 | What is going on?! | The WeLcOmE tO BaTh AnD BoDy WoRkS
Hailey makes a group chat for the club XD All characters belong to RosyClozy!
Gacha Life Stuff by -xXJustAFangirlXx-
Gacha Life Stuffby ~♡TaeKookWooyoungsBbyGirl♡~
Just one of my main books I work on, Also gacha in general. Hope you enjoy it, and I'll take requests of any sort. Love you all..and thank you for stopping by and readin...
Gacha Book by HurricaneTheShipper
Gacha Bookby Lotus
Random Gacha stuff that I made. First chapters aren't that good but it slowly gets better.
Ruining and refixing Gacha cringe  by ModelCut
Ruining and refixing Gacha cringe by U simp
Better and safe XD and My ocs react to these stuff
Jake's Other Side | The Music Freaks fan fiction | Gacha Club Book by _HollyPlayz
Jake's Other Side | The Music Jake’s Other Side
It starts of with a regular day at school when Jake find out that Daisy is going on a date with Sean. Jake had a crush on Daisy for a very long time, what do you think w...
Gacha posters by debunkingnightmare
Gacha postersby Justyouraveragefurry
Mixes of random posters maybe videos here and there
why not  by pansexualpisces
why not by tired person
random stuff about things I do or I just stuff I put in
Gacha book by Darkpond
Gacha bookby Darkpond Blackwealth
....... I can't think of a description oops
The Adventure's With 💗Alexor And Melody✨ by FriskyOrphanGang
The Adventure's With 💗Alexor Itz_GachaAlexander
The Orphans is back Again with a New Adventure In Gacha City. This Time, This Adventure is Gonna Be with Alex and Melody. The Gacha Orphanage is still Open For the peopl...