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Sex Slave  by Yasmine_Baby98
Sex Slave by Underrated 👸🏽❣
This story is about being Trey Songz's sex slave. A Yn story... Hope you like it. Read the imagines of Sex Slave to get a taste of what this story will be about. I'm y...
Kidnapped by lotuswritingbomb
Kidnappedby lotuswritingbomb
Please Read, Vote and Comment. I wanna know how I'm doing and if you all are feeling it or not
Melanin by Miss-Mysterious1
Melaninby Miss-Mysterious1
Lola has been bullied her whole life, she just wanted people to accept her for who she was. She began modeling but fell into depression and decided to stop. Tremaine is...
I Choose  by QueenxLeeLee
I Choose by Lee 🖤
Meet Layton Dior Smith better known as Lay. Layton is a 20 year old woman who has been with Tremaine Rivers also better known as Trey, since she was 14, him being 15. Af...
Trap Lords & Rough Sex (August Alsina) by shawnna16
Trap Lords & Rough Sex (August shawnna16
Go read and find out trust me your going to love it..."rated R" #august alsina
Like No Other by datordona
Like No Otherby sosayeththequeen
Emma never actually intended to become attached to him in any capacity. She needed a man, he was there and more than enough man for the job. So when she discovered that...
Lost And Found by pettibratz
Lost And Foundby mai-YUH.
Sequel to Tough Love Christopher Brown was known to have it all. The money, the fame, even a beautiful family. Yet, there was something missing to this dream world he wa...
Do You Really Love Me? by lia_the_kidd
Do You Really Love Me?by lia_the_kidd
Crystalia Jones Is your average werewolf who is also the betas daughter who has to move to the alpha kings pack along with her alpha and family and other pack members be...
Hard 2 Love  by br33zywif3_
Hard 2 Love by Tamera Renee
They been friends for years, but roommates for 2 and a half. Ever since he could remember Odell had feelings for Amber, but kept them a secret, after they spend a drunke...
Random Storyline with Breezy✨ by BreezyPoint
Random Storyline with Breezy✨by BreezyPoint
Just read it. I don't know how to finish my other stories but here are random shit that goes through my mind on a daily about breezy. I do not take requests because I'm...
Between the Lines by Destinyknowz
Between the Linesby Destinyknowz
Noel is Pasadena's School of the Arts (PSA) new transfer student from London. After meeting Noel, Chris and Trey both fall for her and make a bet to see who can get clos...
Celebrities Fantasies by AuggypoohWifey
Celebrities Fantasiesby AuggypoohWifey
Imagines of the sexiest man you can think of. Romantic, funny, crazy stories of you and your man.
y o u r   f a n t a s i e s✨. by cutiehooper
y o u r f a n t a s i e s✨.by cutiehooper
This is a book about you and celebrities lol.
Crushed by CaribbeanBvtch
Crushedby CaribbeanBvtch
Sequel to Crush Where are Deja and Damir now?
August Alsina Love Story by ciarajohnson0327
August Alsina Love Storyby jehlani kardashian
August Alsina is at a point in his life where he wants to accept his sexuality as a gay man. With the help of his friends Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown. Will he get the an...
In The Life by SmauriG
In The Lifeby SmauriG
"Why should I listen to you?" Malay yelled to Trey. ." Not great with summaries?
The public eye by Jadahx_
The public eyeby Jay_bby
Having your relationship seen through the public eye is never easy. Having to hide secrets with your relationship in the public eye is even harder. There's so much that...
Checkmate: THE NEXT LEVEL (R) by Love_Bri94
Checkmate: THE NEXT LEVEL (R)by Love_Bri94
Mya and Chris take on the married life. Will they be able to handle all of the obstacles that it brings Tim is trying to turn over a new leaf after to almost losing his...