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Poison by khanya1507
Poisonby Khanya Skyla Makhubedu
19 year old Rita Jones, ordinary girl, blindly in love with Drew Del'Monte, her boyfriend of three years. Blindly forgives him for everything he does to her. What happen...
Book 1: She's a Keeper | August Alsina (fin) by LivThaWriter
Book 1: She's a Keeper | August Liv 😇
What happens when you meet the one person you relate with the most? All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in a...
Stay Awake. by kaynaraye
Stay kiche’ n.
August caught Alani at a very awful time in her life, when there was no happiness what so ever. She is deeply depressed and suicidal. But then he comes to save the day a...
Broken by yumgucci
Brokenby yumgucci
Sixteen year old Izel (EYE-ZEL) has been going through the worst things ever since she was young. Her father passed away before she was born, and her mother went and rem...
Consequences  by g0ldenkurlz
Consequences by 💕
When Hazel Montana, an almost licensed cosmetologist who comes from a high class family, and August Alsina, a drug dealer who wants nothing more than to help his family...
From The Streets 2 : Hall of Fame by ShaniquaRimon
From The Streets 2 : Hall of Fameby Miss_Irresistible
What happens when the one you love gets caught up in the fame . It always starts out okay but afterwards things change. Read to find out what goes down. Sequel to From...
Countdown (August Alsina) by BJayLove
Countdown (August Alsina)by B Jay
When love is found it is cherished, appreciated, shared, and expressed constantly. But what happens when you're only given a certain amount of time to fulfill it?
Step Sister|EDITING by LilKkkkid
Step Sister|EDITINGby Ewneta
August Alsina fell in love with his Step Sister Zena How will it play it? Will they last? Will their parents allow it? NB: I'm writing this at the moment
Golden's Dream by yunginSshawty3
Golden's Dreamby ᴡᴡᴡ
" I love you baby always and forever" he looked me in my eyes and said " You will forever be mines" Forever Golden is my name, young girl with aspira...
Rumi by kyahax
Rumiby BlackLivesMatter
"the wound is the place where the Light enters you."
Trap Nigga's Princess || a.a by TrvpNiique
Trap Nigga's Princess || a.aby trap princess
19 year old Amber Harrison has been dating her abusive boyfriend Jonathan for 3 years. She refuses to leave only cause he might kill her. But all that changed when she m...
That Boy ( An August Alsina Story) by nahjaexxxbby
That Boy ( An August Alsina Story)by nahjaexxxbby
Angel hates August while all the other girls adore him. Will she start having feelings for him? Or will she hate him even more after what he did to her awhile back?
Playing Hard to Get (August Alsina Story) by _GuiltyPleasure_
Playing Hard to Get (August _GuiltyPleasure_
Camila has never been the easy type. One day while she's out with her best friend she meets a guy by the name of "Young". Watch as they play the cat and mouse...
Stay Down by asiabeexo
Stay Downby Aujuswanarite
You're laying in your bed, staring at the ceiling. You keep procrastinating "maybe I'll start a new book today or maybe tomorrow.." NO do it right now ! You be...
the rose that grew from concrete. by intrldz
the rose that grew from lil ma.
❝ when no one even cared, the rose it grew from concrete. keepin' all its dreams, provin' natures law wrong. it learned how to walk without havin' feet, it came from con...
Street Fighter | August Alsina by goldbmh
Street Fighter | August Alsinaby GOLD BMH 👑
21-year-old Rosalina Abrielle has just conquered one of her many life goals and became a young business owner of a clothing brand with her best friend. On a night out to...
DRUGS💊. by BlacineseTHEEDoll
DRUGS💊.by BlacineseTHEEDoll
August Alsina and Karin Jinsui? New Orleans meets New York. Projects VS. Suburbs. LOVE❤