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Arron and Trexx by strawhat_pirate
Arron and Trexxby Straw
Barely escaping alive from a human trafficking ring, Arron finds herself running for her life as her captors seek to hunt her down, either to end her life or to torture...
The Master's slave. by Sonneblom4
The Master's Chané Beaurain
The content of this book is 18+ Sarah is a victim of human trafficking and ended up at one of the world's richest bachelors. High testosterone levels and a sexy slave co...
Dominance Over An African Girl by TheNapQueenn00
Dominance Over An African Girlby LSG
He made her his. There was no going back. Nailah was confused as to why a powerful man like Mr Henshaw would want her, a weeping little girl. But,it soon starts to add u...
Peter: always gets back up. by Spiders_here
Peter: always gets back Spiders_here
Peter has been an orphan almost his whole life. Going in and out of abusive foster homes hasn't been easy for him. And it's not going to get any easier, when he starts l...
Made For Revenge  by Youngstown60
Made For Revenge by Youngstown60
"Last words?" his bored tone rings through the abandoned warehouse, the guy tied to a chair spits out blood that has gathered in his mouth, "russian scum...
Cache by kitkat405
Cacheby Kaitlin
What would you do for the ones you love? Katherine would soon find out just how far she's willing to go to protect her family. A normal day at a park turns into a whir...
Without Her  by soiray
Without Her by $
Book 2 ❤️. The love of Kentrell Gauldens life Riley Wilcher(pregnant) Ran away from the hospital after her full recovery from suffering from burns Leaving behind her so...
Nudes by soiray
Nudesby $
My nudes being leaked brought me popularity.
Sinless Lace by TaeKooksM0chi91
Sinless Laceby TaeKooksM0chi
"Oh honey, I guarantee that even your sweetest of candy won't tame me..." ~Scarlett
Broken to be Sold by writingpterodactyl
Broken to be Soldby Brooke
Emma Smith's life is hard. Her family is in a constant state of failing. Whether they can't pay the bills or they're not home enough, there's always something. Emma doe...
23 by kookskookiesss
23by Kookiekookkks💜
What happens if a stripper and a mafia leader meet again after 5 years and he discovers a secret she tried to hide from him. Started : March 20, 2020 Published : March 2...
HER'S  by Psycho_Eliza
HER'S by Elizabeth S. T.
This is a Mafia story.
Ash & Dust by SpratleyMac
Ash & Dustby Mac
Ashley Cole was born in the deep end. Dustin Munroe was shoved into it. What happens when two drowning people cross paths? Will they help each other stay afloat? Or cau...
Sugar&Spice by authormandyy
Sugar&Spiceby Authormandyy
Life before Sugar knew it took a turn. But whatever Sugar wants, Sugar gets. She is comfortable with her sexuality. And wears the pants to her life. When she is called i...
The Allure of Darkness by nnabryant
The Allure of Darknessby Nona Bryant
"Never underestimate the allure of darkness, even the purest hearts are drawn to it." She said boring her dark brown eyes into mine. I found it hard to look aw...
Back in Maine by Morning - A story of human trafficking. by ryanruthie
Back in Maine by Morning - A ryanruthie
#26 Trafficking #23 Human Trafficking What is a human life worth? There is a song for every moment. There is a song for our first kiss, our first love, and our first he...
Thieves' Revenge (Bratva #3) by 12amwriting
Thieves' Revenge (Bratva #3)by Grace
[Can be read as a standalone] 🎶 " have been bad, da?" She shook her head, scowling at his feet. "What did I say would happen if you did not eat...
Sensual Massage  by PeytonHilst8
Sensual Massage by PeytonHilst8
A young man looking for a Therapeutic Massage comes back with an unexpected surprise! P.S. this book is rated R!!!
Anna by gabzii_kee
Annaby Gabrielle Kerr
Krissandra, an adopted young adult seeks to find herself and lead out a normal life as she embarks on a summer internship. However, she encounters Anna, a replica of her...
C for Cherry! [V for Virgin! Sequel] by gossamersilverglow
C for Cherry! [V for Virgin! gossamersilverglow
Getting your cherry popped by your best friend and then being in a relationship with him and his boyfriend was a wonderful, new experience for Cassie, but life doesn't s...