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Girl Meets Ryan Matthews by oneofthepotterheads
Girl Meets Ryan Matthewsby ..
Ryan Matthews was older than his twin by six minutes and twenty seconds. Though this never seemed to matter to their parents, as she was the obvious favorite. Riley fac...
Our Unending Love |Shawn Hunter x Reader| by VintageBxbe
Our Unending Love |Shawn Hunter Ren ✨
Sequel to My high-school love Shawn and Y/n Y/l/n made things work after thirteen years of pain but will they be able to get through all this heart ache as well?
The Little Friar // Lucas Friar  by Six_Call
The Little Friar // Lucas Friar by Six_Call
Lucas Friar and Ari Alvarez grew up together but eventually they started dating. After their one year anniversary the couple got pregnant and decided to keep their baby...
GALAXY; Maya Hart by Jackson_is_a_writer
Sucker For You |Girl Meets World| by SavannahBrookeFrisby
Sucker For You |Girl Meets World|by Savannah
In which Joshua Matthews twin sister meets Lucas Friar's older brother and the two fall for each other. |Girl Meets World| |Oc/Oc|
A Lawrence and a hunter. by LoLum5
A Lawrence and a Lo Lum
Shawn and topanga get drunk one night an accidentally have a child.
Boy Meets Me (GMW) by Anastasie13
Boy Meets Me (GMW)by Ana13Grace
Viola Rayne Taylor was like a big sister to Riley and especially Maya. The Matthews had considered her family even though they don't see her often. She has been fightin...
Lovers  ~~ON HOLD~~ by Night_Owl_Geo
Lovers ~~ON HOLD~~by Geo
River Barron. In a relationship with the the youngest of Matthews, Joshua Matthews. Has four younger siblings. Joshua Matthews. In a relationship with the oldest of Bar...
Girl Meets Sydney On Hold Until Further Notice by MariahAnn20
Girl Meets Sydney On Hold Until ItWasn’tJamie
Sydney Matthews is a 20-year-old single mother of twins. She is also the younger sister of Eric, Cory, and Morgan Matthews, the older sister of Joshua Matthews, and the...
Girl Meets World {Senior Year}(SLOW UPDATES) by ammendes808
Girl Meets World {Senior Year}( AJ
{Struck like lightning, my hearts beating like a drum} Join the gang as the make their way through senior year. Will relationships stay together? Will friends drift apar...
Girl meets sister |Girl Meets World| (COMPLETED) by mmc2022
Girl meets sister |Girl Meets mmc2022
This story is about Rileys sister and how they met and why she left home. Enjoy!! Note: I DON'T OWN ANY CHARACTERS EXCEPT HAILEY AND LIV!!
The Hunter Princess  by youtube_greaser
The Hunter Princess by youtube_greaser
Shawn and Jack Hunter never knew that they had a little sister, until the auto wreck. Their dad, Chet, thinks it's a good idea that their sister lives with her older bro...
Girl Meets World: Friar's Cousin  by GMW16fan
Girl Meets World: Friar's Cousin by GMW16fan
(Used to belong to GMW-22 until she gave it to me to start over and finish. Gave it to me on January 8th, 2018) Dylan King is the cousin of Lucas Friar. When Lucas moved...
little skies  by itsaslytherin
little skies by itsaslytherin
❝ Isn't that-❞ ❝ Yes sir, that's Little Skies.❞ **REWRITING** [GIRL MEETS WORLD] [SEASONS 2-3] HIGHEST RANKINGS: #1 in #farkleminkus #1 in #rileymatthews #1 in #lucasfr...
Girl Meet's World  by Malia_Rosa_Fairy
Girl Meet's World by Malia_Rosa_Fairy
My voice is still my voice, Riley and Maya You're gonna need to show me a lot more than clothes and hair and a boy before I believe that it isn't
♔ Tranquility ♔ || Farkle Minkus by ILoveFoxesandWolves
♔ Tranquility ♔ || Farkle Minkusby Roxanne
• soft smiles • giggles • longing stares • She captivated her peers with her quiet persona. The little year younger genius Matthews who trailed behind the King's of John...
Take on the World by Insparation101
Take on the Worldby Anime-Niac101
When your family ignores you but you still did your best to support them only to find out they never cared about you at all, what do you do?. What if you get the chance...
Nathan Meets World | Lucas Friar by Not_A_Bad_Slytherin
Nathan Meets World | Lucas Friarby WhatAboutMerlin
Being happy is the goal...but greatness is my mission. -Childish Gambino Nathaniel Shaw Matthews is 14. He's 14 and in the seventh grade. That may not seem like a...
His Texas Girl// Lucas Friar by Six_Call
His Texas Girl// Lucas Friarby Six_Call
What if Lucas had a girlfriend the whole time? What if he never had a crush on Riley, but she didn't see it? What happens when they meet her in Texas? What happens wh...
Girl meets the sick|| GMW by Sarcastic_WalE
Girl meets the sick|| GMWby Wal3
Winter Parks is the new girl to John Quincy Adams middle school. However no one knows where she came from or where she is going. One thing is for sure, she seems sick b...