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Damaged [Lucaya AU] by cascadings
Damaged [Lucaya AU]by cascadings
the past is the past; until it comes back to haunt you. - best gmw book winner! lucaya au. {completed story!}
girl meets the secret to life | lucaya & riarkle by lucayascoconuts
girl meets the secret to life | coco
in which maya hart and lucas friar learn that life's not all it's out to be, and that people can be traitors and hypocrites. in which riley matures into a normal being...
texting {lucaya} by audiblerejects
texting {lucaya}by shauna
unknown number: i like you maya.
~Scared~ by its-me-ellie
~Scared~by its._ellie._
Maya Hart. Alone. Bullied. Broken. Scared. Maya's hurting. She feels like a fragile piece of glass. Only the worlds of art and music can pull her aw...
Secrets She Keeps by WriterofTrouble
Secrets She Keepsby WriterofTrouble
When Maya's chance at telling Lucas how she feels backfires, she starts going into a downward spiral that only her true friends can pull her out of. Requested by @avneil...
Baby On Board by mayascowboy
Baby On Boardby writer
Maya's life was never great. Her dad left her mom before she was born and her mom was only there half the time. Just when Maya thinks her life cant get any worse she fin...
She's Having My Baby by anoddvariety
She's Having My Babyby anoddvariety
Maya has made a life-changing mistake. Now there's no going back. The last thing she wants is to turn out just like her own mother, but right now it looks like that's wh...
Girl Meets Realization. by shanti__xoxoxo
Girl Meets Shanti❤
For Maya, her friendship with Riley means the absolute world to her. She never hesitates to put Riley and her happiness before her own. Maya has done that for as long as...
I Care// Lucaya by rose798537928
I Care// Lucayaby Rose
Lucas gets into an accident and Maya stays by his side the entire time. Where is his girlfriend Riley? Why is Farkle still with Smackle when he loves Riley? Why does May...
What daddy did (gmw/Lucaya) by gm_stories
What daddy did (gmw/Lucaya)by gm_stories
The group is now Riley, Lucas, and Farkle. Maya is forgotten until one day she offers to help Lucas clean a cut and a new interest in their old friend causes them to won...
Girl Meets My one & only True ♥ by Zoeoxox
Girl Meets My one & only True ♥by Zoe
True love, soulmate, is all that true, Maya never truly felt love before not properly, she's witnessed it from watching Cory & Topanga but has never witnessed it herself...
Home by CaptainSwan31
Homeby CaptainSwan
Lucas and Maya met each other in an orphanage when they were 13. As time went on the two of them got very close and they ended up falling for each other. Just as Lucas...
The Forbidden Love by lucaya4you
The Forbidden Loveby g r A c e • l e A h
Co-written by @dmgmwtips & @girlmeetsworlddaily on Instagram [COMPLETE] Cover creds to: moi (Leah!) A Lucaya/Laya Fanfic "Maya, can you move a little? I can't see L...
Hard to Get ~ { l.f. + m.h. } by citylightslucaya
Hard to Get ~ { l.f. + m.h. }by citylightslucaya
Maya falls for Riley's older brother Lucas but he always thinks she's too young for him but she never takes no for an answer.
Roommates [lucaya] by lcnelylcvers
Roommates [lucaya]by call me k
When John Quincy Adams High School hosts a school-wide project including an over night stay at NYU for a couple of weeks, boys and girls are paired up for a more "r...
Girl Meets Journey Of Love by AmiiSchroeder21
Girl Meets Journey Of Loveby AmiiSchroeder21
Maya once again stepped back for Riley. Maya goes through difficulties. Lucas cannot decide until he does. Farkle regrets. Riley realises things are beyond her dreams an...
The Perfect Time Is Not Always Perfect by LizMarieVega97
The Perfect Time Is Not Always Elizabeth
Based on the TV show. Maya is a 15-year-old girl, who gets pregnant by her best friend boyfriend, kinda messed up right? Come and read how it happened and how it altered...
getting Instagram by lucaya_trash03
getting Instagramby lucaya_trash03
Maya Lucas Riley Farkle Zay and Isorada all get Instagram and couples are formed and some couples are destroyed {this is a lucaya and riarkle fanfiction}
Forbidden Love || Lucas Friar+Maya Hart by victoriataylor_
Forbidden Love || Lucas Victoria
Maya has a secret. A secret that could change her relationship with her best friend forever. ( They're 16/17 in this) All Rights Reserved © 2015 victoriataylor_ || Vict...
I've Changed by thomaswebbed
I've Changedby Jeanswhore4e
Noticed 05/23/2018 that 8 was ranked #83 under #markle💖 Maya Hart has been bullied by her friends so she moved changed and t hen one day she moves back to NY what happe...