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Beyonce is a single mother of two who's renowned for her culinary skills. Shawn, also a single parent of one is well known for the law firm he owns and is a part-time ra...
business dinners. faceclaims by dilaurentisbitch
business dinners. faceclaimsby gigi
oh, you just want me to be sweeter, better, angel, yeah business dinners you just want me to be pictures, numbers, figures, yeah deeper, smarter and I'll just try to be...
Unexpected by princesdolphin
Unexpectedby uuuıɥdlop🐬
DESCRIPTION IN PROGRESS!!! A reminder that this is a work of pure fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products...
(Loki X Nebula)                                    We Love Hating Each Other by JaydenGarcia051
(Loki X Nebula) Jayden Garcia
Nebula and Loki are almost just alike, no no no they are alike. Nebula may just crack down and snap his neck in two, and Loki may just slit her throat.One day Nebula com...
The Silent Creep by TangaLugambo
The Silent Creepby Tanga Lugambo
Just read interracial story
The Run Away by ittybittyspam__
The Run Awayby E M E R Y .
Keilianah Jackson felt as if everyone were against her... Keilianah did something terrible...... Or did she ? She could face jail time...... Or was she framed? She ru...
We Got Married 2.0 by BlackStansKpop
We Got Married 2.0by BlackStansKpop
We Got Married is where Korean Idols are paired to see what marriage is like. We Get Married 2.0 is where Korean Idols and Black/African-American Celebrity see what it'...
Oh Hell Nah(a Werewolf Story)   by shonme2K17
Oh Hell Nah(a Werewolf Story) by shonme2K17
"See when I think of a vacation, I picture me on a beach. Drinking out of a damn pineapple while being surrounded by hot shirtless guys. Not in the woods where Jas...
Who is Rebecca and Why You be Lying? by CrystalRenee14
Who is Rebecca and Why You be Author_CrystalRenee
Last Monday, his phone told on him and, left me wondering WHO IS REBECCA????
There it is  by dorrrotthyyy
There it is by dorrrotthyyy
Sisters work hard to get success , and mother is a hard working person, meanwhile the mothers sister is a crackhead and trying to get help but doesnt want to work .
Nirvana by ZiggyFic
Nirvanaby ZiggyFic
They both didn't know each other but they knew that it was really true. They didn't know to go on a trip to London would change their lives now they know, knowing no one...