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The One You Wanna See by bprinceauthor
The One You Wanna Seeby bprinceauthor
"Do you want to get creamy?" Rockstar Prince has a love for Purple, Spiritual and Pretty things! Then he meets sultry untouched Alex! What happens next could...
Kitchen Maid  by Kelismj
Kitchen Maid by Prince
It all started when she bumped into him running to make an job interview.
Prince And I: Burning Leaves  by ShaqillaShaw
Prince And I: Burning Leaves by Shaqilla Shaw
Prince Rogers Nelson a rockstar, has it all fame, looks, and talent. But he has his demons as well one being his past love, Sheila Xena Faux who was there when he starte...
Like Rain, We Fall by peacebewild
Like Rain, We Fallby Asha
"You've never done this before, have you?" [A short story by Asha]
A Love Renewed by leslievette
A Love Renewedby Venus De Milo
*Sequel to A Love Conflicted* Riley and Prince had only been together for a year, but it seemed like a lifetime. Between the fighting, the misunderstandings and the jeal...
Tell Me You Love Me by thefallingtear
Tell Me You Love Meby tears dont fall (acoustic)
Michael Jackson and Prince: natural enemies and rivals in the music industry where survival depended on competitiveness. Their conflicting personalities cause their firs...
P. by HumanNature82
#7 🔵
It's a story... Read it if you will.
Future Baby Mama  by Sanaeb2696
Future Baby Mama by ♊ Gemini ♊
"Uh, so I had a mutual friend with Zoe Kravitz. Long story short, I ended up going back to his hotel" I laughed as I told Jimmy the story of meeting my Prince...
Vintage babes: 50's-90's by LittleGxx
Vintage babes: 50's-90'sby Anaxx
Sometimes I dream with people I have never met in a time I've never lived... Just a book with my favorite stars of all time :)
If It'll Make You Happy ~ Prince Fanfic AU by scotts_totsxx
If It'll Make You Happy ~ Prince 🖤BLACK QUEEN🖤
The story of two people crossing over into each other lives with the thought of love, music and happiness. But everything is never sunshine and rainbows.
Soulmates by arinelson0014
Soulmatesby arinelson0014
"Till death do us apart"
Touched by an Angel by Danifaridam
Touched by an Angelby Danielle Molijn
This story is about loss and hope.Prince meets Angelica under very strange circumstances.As he lost love he is able to find it again .Will he be able to keep her?
Something New {Completed} by peacebewild
Something New {Completed}by Asha
Indigo and The Kid meet on unlikely circumstances. Both running away from something and both finding solace in the music. Could this be Something New, or just for a seas...
Prince/MJ: Imagine That | Open Request! by Princescroptop
Prince/MJ: Imagine That | Open Irresistible bitch.
Prince/MJ: imagine that...Requests are open. 🦋
forbidden love in Minneapolis (Collaboration with Happygirl1973) by im_not_a_bad_bitch
forbidden love in Minneapolis ( 😃✋
Just put a dominant,feminine fifteen year old falls for a closeted gay watch the fear betrayal and love of these two lads evolve.
A Vampires Love For The Hybrid (Collab With Happygirl1973) by im_not_a_bad_bitch
A Vampires Love For The Hybrid ( 😃✋
Prince Roger Nelson was missing for 2 weeks but it turns out that he was sin the Mythical Forest were a Vampire bit him and became one of them. A man named Michael Jacks...
My little, Princess by snickerdoodle_777
My little, Princessby Eliza Schuyler 💙💌
Tw: rape, abuse, and cross-dressing Michael has been going through a lot of anxiety lately and depression, people tell him to be different, but he doesn't want to, and...
(MJ/P) My Captive Heart by ShonaShaniece
(MJ/P) My Captive Heartby Տɧꮻղɑ
My Lost Love 2: After practically spending their entire existence side by side, Michael Jackson & Nya Avezzano thought it would be "forever" for them when fee...
Something Old | Book II by peacebewild
Something Old | Book IIby Asha
Kid and Indigo are back after three years of being together. A lot has changed except their love for one another. However, hardships do come in every relationship. Will...
Secrets by drewswreckastow
Secretsby Drew Nelson
Melanie was his secret love. Hidden from the public eye, hidden from his public life, hidden from his soon to be wife, Valerie. Melanie was his go to girl and always got...