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Over the Edge of Insanity (Thorki AU)  by misunderstood_mayhem
Over the Edge of Insanity ( Loverboy
After the attack on New York, Loki's mind is deteriorating, due to mental manipulation. Thor decides it best to search for help on Midgard. He won't let Loki go complete...
A Mother's Love by misunderstood_mayhem
A Mother's Loveby Loverboy
While the tired Avengers celebrated with a nice kabob, Loki breaks free from his prison transport, without harming anyone. Thor must decide what to do when they find him.
Love, hate.   I have no choice ❤️💚 by 8lokilaufeyson
Love, hate. I have no choice ❤️💚by Thorki
This is an AU when Thor finds out that Loki is a frost giant and don't want him whit anyone else (Loki didn't fall into an abyss and Thor wasn't banesst to earth ) Warn...
Little Loki and The Avengers by LokiLoveyPocky
Little Loki and The Avengersby Loki J. Fell
As we all know, our beloved Loki did something mischievous during his stays in Midgard and after being caught doing so, he was being put to house arrest as a punishment...
Thor's War prize  by MrChaoas
Thor's War prize by your mom
Not my story This is a comic drawn and written by the amazing Florbe all credit goes to them
Avengers by Godawful1
Avengersby Godawful1
a story abaut my two favourite marvel ships Thorki and Stony! !! I don't own these characters, only the plot!! This is boyxboy so if you don't like that don't read this...
love the way you lie by Lavablue117
love the way you lieby sai lavanya
After the destruction caused by Loki leaves his diary behind. Tony finds the book and find the truth. He makes Loki his official brother as Loki is 17years old. Thor ne...
Marvel Pairings Fan-Art by Morgan_Stark-Rogers
Marvel Pairings Fan-Artby Morgan Stark-Rogers
A collection of the best images I could dig up. pairings: -Stony -Stucky -Ironstrange -Winterfalcon -Thorki -Hawksilver -Wandavision -Blackhill - Strangerross -Spideypoo...
A Kind Of Magic by Lornedowney
A Kind Of Magicby Tessa Lorne
When Loki's magic backfires, what can Thor and the Avengers do to get the God of Mischief back? De-aged!Loki because he's a cutie :)
Loki's Time Travel Journey by bubbletea_kai
Loki's Time Travel Journeyby ❥ 𝕶𝖆𝖎 | 小小的无名作家 (●ᴗ●)
Authorized fanart of 云想 from Lofter. Post--Thor: Ragnarok. In which Loki accidentally exchanged his soul with his younger self ( from Thor 1 ). ( Translated by Vivian...
You shouldn't have cursed me [Thorki Fanfiction] by ArthurGaylord
You shouldn't have cursed me [ Arthur Morgan
You wanted to kill the person I love, But... it was you.
All I Want--BETRAYAL by Lornedowney
All I Want--BETRAYALby Tessa Lorne
Ever wonder how he became so... different?
Change || Loki.  by bubblyloki
Change || Loki. by loki.
"You have changed, Loki." Thor said, his voice shaking as he spoke. Loki looked his way and smiled, bitterly. "Is it bad that I did?" "You were...
Together (A Loki/Avengers Fanfiction) by IkilledJasonTodd
Together (A Loki/Avengers Ace
Imagine Loki would have been locked away in a cell at the Avengers' headquarters and not in Asgard, because he promises the Avengers to change if they would not bring hi...
The God that Proved them Wrong (Thorki) Book 1 of 3 by misunderstood_mayhem
The God that Proved them Wrong ( Loverboy
In the rebuilt New York, the people who were turned to dust live. Loki lives in his apartment with an amazing boyfriend... but what will happen when the Avengers find a...
Jotun Thorki: Lost Prince by Dragonlina
Jotun Thorki: Lost Princeby Dragonlina
Thor, prince of Asgard, is kidnapped and raised as a protector of Prince Loki. Because Loki is kind, lonely and small, they soon became friends. But what will happen whe...
My Hero (Discontinued)  by FlameWolf574
My Hero (Discontinued) by Lone Wolf
This takes place after the Avengers After Loki was defeated by his brother and the Avengers, he was sent back to Asgard. He was suppose to live in the prison for his cri...
Drunk by Light_of_the_Yagami
Drunkby вєαutíful𑁍ࠜೄ ・゚ˊˎ
After a wild night of drinking the two Nordic gods, Thor and Loki, end up doing things that brothers shouldn't. This book has a lot of mature content and I will work on...
I Found | Thorki/Hiddlesworth Fan fiction by Atlas_Sighss
I Found | Thorki/Hiddlesworth Sigh//Atlas
"Loki, you are hereby banished from Asgard." "Its not fair Father!" "Loki, is that you?" "I am not working with that oaf!" "...
Thorki Bros ~ Lovely One Shots by Hadal84
Thorki Bros ~ Lovely One Shotsby Hadal84
Beautiful Thorki One shots!! What we want more than about their Love? Just read and be happy like me ;)