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The English Mare by GhostlyWonder
The English Mareby GhostlyWonder
They say there is honor in joining a King's court, but what honor is there in deceit and murder? #1 in Anne Boleyn
The Tudor Rose by claire43343
The Tudor Roseby claire43343
We all know about Henry VIII of England and his six wives as well as Queen Mary 1st and Queen Elizabeth 1st. What if Henry VIII had another daughter from Catherine of Ar...
An Endless Supply Of Rubies  by literallylikeuh
An Endless Supply Of Rubies by Literallylikeuh
Disclaimer: this is not my story this story belongs to Ithunn on I am posting this story because I want a version of it on wattpad, I haven't edited any...
The Crossover of The Borgia's and The Tudors When Pope Alexander hears the news about King Henry beheading his wife and second Queen Anne Boleyn on charges of Adultery a...
The Belle of St. Petersburg •The Tudors by prettyinpink1106
The Belle of St. Petersburg •The prettyinpink1106
Jane Seymour was thought to be the next Queen of England, until the Pope decided to use the daughter of a Tsar to make Henry VIII cast the Seymour girl aside. Anastasia...
The Legend of the Girl from 2020 | Henry VIII by anneboleynsbnecklace
The Legend of the Girl from 2020 | 💗
A group of girls travels back to the 16th century and one of them is Mia. Mia is a Girl from a Legend in which the King falls in love with a girl from the Future. Join...
A Secret Love by LDYVERATTEN
A Secret Loveby Victoria Dutton
Charles Brandon knew better than to keep secrets from his king, But the frightened young woman he found is to scared to meet anyone but him. Can he convince her that th...
A Queen's War by Fangirl27056
A Queen's Warby Fangirl27056
Woman fight. Royal, woman fight. For many reasons we all clash heads and pens and ribbons for the love and affection of the oh so beloved King. Henry is not a prize wort...
Anne Boleyn:How It Should Have Been by CheyenneGordon5
Anne Boleyn:How It Should Have Beenby Cheyenne Gordon
What if Anne Boleyn wasn't executed because King Henry found evidence that proved her innocence.What if Anne discovered she was pregnant?Would Henry give up Jane for Ann...
The Forgotten Tudor Queen by TudorTies
The Forgotten Tudor Queenby TudorTies
Mourning his late wife, the heartbroken Henry VIII has secluded himself from the court. Maidens are vying for his attention but none can distract him from his despair. ...
Festina Lente by Secret-writer91
Festina Lenteby Secret-Writer91
Desperate to bring England back into the fold, Pope Clement VII comes up with a plan that will shake things up in England for good. He sends his orphaned Medici cousin t...
Divine Salvation  by Dendrophilx
Divine Salvation by DENDROPHILX
On May 2, 1536, Anne Boleyn's castle begins to crumble down when she is arrested on the counts of treason, adultery, and witchcraft and is escorted to the Tower of Londo...
The Rose, The Falcon, and The Pearl by LadyHannahMuir
The Rose, The Falcon, and The Pearlby LadyHannahMuir
Lady Mary Tudor has agreed to sign the Oath of Supremacy claiming herself to be illegitimate. King Henry welcomes Mary back to court where she is to pay her respects to...
Rise of the Falcons by tudorstories
Rise of the Falconsby tudorstories
What if Anne Boleyn had given birth to not one, but two sons?
The Fabric of Time - HENRY VIII- THE TUDORS by Faeriedreamer
The Fabric of Time - HENRY VIII- kiki 🪐
Anastasia Harriet Lovell is part of a time travelling organisation. She is sent to study the early marriages of Henry VIII Anastasia didn't expect to alter the fabric o...
Arthur Tudors reign  by AryaStarkOfTheNorth
Arthur Tudors reign by AryaStarkOfTheNorth
What is Arthur Tudor survived the sweat in 1502 and he and Catherine began their reign together? What is Henry was born in 1500 and married Anne Boleyn in 1518 after she...
The Queen of His Hearts by Saraakrystal
The Queen of His Heartsby Saraakrystal
So my mom just died and when I decided to go take a walk in the woods near the medieval castles I found myself sucked back in the 16th century. So me, a girl from the 21...
Mary Tudor: Queen of England by queenMary_I
Mary Tudor: Queen of Englandby Marye the Quene
Mary Tudor, The Bloody Queen. The Catholic Queen who's name has been tarnished by the lies of her Protestant subjects...
The Two Lovers by thesweetinnocent
The Two Loversby sweet.rose
This historical fiction is told in the era of King Henry VIII. It's an era where the innocent are not even safe. Edward Seymour comes into King Henry's court once his si...