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MEMORIES THROUGH THE STARS  | {2nd - Stars Themselves Series} by _Strawberry-Tea_
Poppy Watcher was living her life. Her boring, dull life. Wishing and hoping The Doctor would show up with the TARDIS to whisk her away to see the universe again. But no...
MEMORIES | {1st - Stars Themselves Series} by _Strawberry-Tea_
MEMORIES | {1st - Stars _Strawberry-Tea_
A girl wakes up in a hospital, little to no memory and a strong urge to run. But she can't. She's stuck in London, skipping from flat to flat trying not to let Donna k...
Shocking Her Heart (Dead by Daylight Fanfic) by Fanfic-Writer-Rose
Shocking Her Heart (Dead by Fanfic-Writer-Rose
COMPLETED AND A NEW UPDATED VERSION IS BEING WORKED ON. Herman Carter(The Doctor) × Reader Y/n was a spy for the German country. He was a Insane Doctor for the CIA. unf...
13th doctor x reader drabbles. by spyrowrites
13th doctor x reader spyro
#1 IN THIRTEENTH DOCTOR CATAGORY. originally posted on spyrcs, these are a bunch of thirteenth doctor & reader prompts, drabbles and one shots. many of them inv...
Random hot guy imagines by supernialler2918
Random hot guy imaginesby Jedi Master Indie
A bunch of imagines about hot guys. Including both real famous men and fiction. For example: Misha Collins, Benedict Cumberbatch, the 11th Doctor and Captain Jack Harkne...
Come with me - Thirteenth Doctor X Reader  by Aphasene
Come with me - Thirteenth Doctor C.L.Cushing
I wasn't an alien, but I may as well have been. I always wished for something different, something to make me feel special. And needless to say, I got my wish. The day I...
Unstable Travelling (the 11th doctor x reader) by BonnietheBunnyRabbit
Unstable Travelling (the 11th BonnietheBunnyRabbit
your mentally wrecked and your a loner you didn't keep in contact with your parents or your brother or though you often got texts from them but it had been a long time s...
Assorted Fandom Drabbles and Headcanons by Ariminiria
Assorted Fandom Drabbles and Ariminiria
This work is a collection of various x Reader drabbles, headcanons, and preferences, cross-posted from MY Tumblr accounts, thefinalexperiment and ouat-in-spare-oom-of-ri...
Time, Space, and a Bit of Stardust - Doctor Who by Fromelette
Time, Space, and a Bit of Heather
Reader x 11th Doctor ( Possible mature content in the future ) You met The Doctor out of the blue, but will a chance encounter turn into something more than just a part...
Accompanying the Doctor by reidskywalker
Accompanying the Doctorby alice
A book of Doctor x reader one shots! This is mostly the tenth doctor, there will be some others, though. Feel free to vote, comment, and share! ~taking requests~
A Dream Come True by CuppyFluffy
A Dream Come Trueby Sarah A. Melo
A certain distress call worries the TARDIS and forces the Doctor to come and visit you. Little did he know, he was about to enter a universe where the phrase "Docto...
𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑𝐘 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑 𝐈𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐆𝐀𝐋𝐀𝐗𝐘 // doctor who imagines by shizunae
[ THIRTEENTH DOCTOR / JODIE WHITTAKER ] Requests are welcome! I made this because I love the Thirteenth Doctor with my entire being! I just wanted to make a little book...
Doctor who one shots  by itmemaeeee
Doctor who one shots by Mae
X reader oneshots for the doctor/ doctor who characters. Includes: Thirteen Clara Eleven Rose Ten ((coming soon)) Bill ((coming soon)) ((More characters to be added))
Doctor Who Oneshots by totallynotphillester
Doctor Who Oneshotsby Sara(with an)h
its in the title. Requests are open