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An Angel Amongst the Stars (Supernatural x Doctor Who) [Wattys2018] by RogueRebel-501
An Angel Amongst the Stars (Supern...by Rogue Rebel
Angela is the middle child of the Winchester family, she leaves for London, England when her youngest brother, Sam Winchester is sent to the cage. Even though she just w...
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An Original Vampire's Guide to the Universe (2nd in Universal Vampire) by NicholasFlamelFan
An Original Vampire's Guide to the...by NicholasFlamelFan
The Doctor has changed. Not only that but things have become much more difficult. Or rather... they will become difficult for Tyra. A lot of things have changed in her l...
  • rebekahmikaelson
  • mickeysmith
  • marthajones
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THE LAST OF THEIR KIND    ( doctor who ) by -officialkristinalex
THE LAST OF THEIR KIND ( doctor...by 𝕶𝖗𝖎𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖓𝖆
highest rankings - #thedoctor 1 #10thdoctor 1 season two cover by @Sarah_Kingxx
  • timelord
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Reader Imagines by SarahCobbler
Reader Imaginesby SuperWhoLockFlarrow
Imagines for the following shows: Sherlock The Flash Arrow DC's Legends Of Tommorow Supergirl Supernatural Daredevil Jessica Jones Doctor Who Sherlock The Vampire D...
  • hunterzolomon
  • davidtennant
  • fanfiction
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David Tennant Stories by imyourood
David Tennant Storiesby imyourood
Im writing -DavidxReader -Kilgrave -Alec Hardy x Reader -Tenth Doctor - Enjoy! xx -
  • alechardy
  • davidtennant
  • jessicajones
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Perfect (Doctor Who X Reader Oneshots/Imagines) by CoolCrowGirl
Perfect (Doctor Who X Reader Onesh...by MaybeObsessedOrNot
The Doctor and you, running around time and space. Nothing could seem better. This is a book with oneshots and such. I do not own Doctor Who so most of the characters wi...
  • fanfiction
  • tenthdoctor
  • doctorwho
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The Man Who Regrets : Doctor Who [1] ✓ by animechey
The Man Who Regrets : Doctor Who [...by Chey
She's always wanted to travel. He needs a companion. There are worlds waiting. There are people in their way. © Chey Eveleigh | 2018 Book One of the Lady of Time Series ...
  • timeandrelativedimensioninspace
  • tardis
  • human
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The Moons of Velpora -The Doctor- by LizzieChann
The Moons of Velpora -The Doctor-by Elizabeth T. White
Traveling with The Doctor was hard. Seeing him through his regenerations was even tougher. However, the hardest thing Ophelia has yet to face, was loving The Doctor. Her...
  • mattsmith
  • elevethdoctor
  • donnanoble
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Tenth Doctor x Reader Smut by ShipItLikeFed-Ex
Tenth Doctor x Reader Smutby Fed-ExShipping
Just so all ya'll know this will be VERY different from any other smut that you have read. So just keep that in mind. You have been warned.
  • reader
  • tenthdoctor
  • doctorwhoxreader
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insanity | doctor who by rainmaker-
insanity | doctor whoby lanna
( being rewritten ) Science wasn't and never would be Anneliese Downer's thing. Leave the dreaming about alien life and all that to the science geeks. Until one day, she...
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A Journey I Never Expected (10th Doctor Fan-Fic) by HeRpAdErPrandomness
A Journey I Never Expected (10th D...by Apologetic Cactus
I'm Alaynna, and I'm 25. When I was walking across the street on my turn to walk a drunk driver was headed straight towards me! I screamed and then heard someone yell &q...
  • alaynna
  • tenthdoctor
  • doctorwho
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Superwholock by landersh
Superwholockby landersh
Preferences for Supernatural(Dean and Sam), Doctor Who(10th Doctor, 11th Doctor), and Sherlock(Sherlock). I take requests!
  • doctorwhopreferences
  • superwholockpreferences
  • deanwinchester
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Doctor Who one-shots and preferences by WolfieLuna8
Doctor Who one-shots and preferenc...by WolfieLuna8
reader one-shots of the ninth, tenth and eleventh doctor. I take requests and idea's, you can even request names I might do crossovers I also might do preferences. NO S...
  • doctorwho
  • ninthdoctor
  • tenthdoctor
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Parallel: From Another World [1] (TPS) by Turtlii
Parallel: From Another World [1] (...by Ev
Rita Stone lives in our world. The world where a big blue box bigger on the inside is simply impossible. However, this all changes after what is most definitely an impos...
  • davidtennant
  • doctorwho
  • friendship
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Doctor Who Imagines by somethingbrave
Doctor Who Imaginesby ☕️
One shots of the reader x Doctor (mostly 10&11 but feel free to send requests of other doctors/companions💓)
  • doctorxreader
  • twelthdoctor
  • rosetyler
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The Harkness twins - tenth doctor x reader  by justSomePhanfictions
The Harkness twins - tenth doctor...by IamSherlocked
You are the twin sister/brother of captain jack Harkness you haven't heard from him for years and you truly believe he didn't make it that is until you meet the doctor
  • thedoctor
  • doctorwho
  • tenth
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the Doctor's healer (1st in Daughter of Time Series) by padme37221
the Doctor's healer (1st in Daught...by KJ
the Doctor wasn't sure if he could possibly move on from losing Rose. That is until he met Alyssa Palmer, the granddaughter of Emma Grayling the empathic psychic. The gi...
  • tenthdoctor
  • donnanoble
  • empath
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Lost in a Small Town (A TenRose Fan Fiction) by liz_batchelor
Lost in a Small Town (A TenRose Fa...by Liz
The Doctor and Rose are hoping to just take a break and relax in the TARDIS for a day or two. But, when Rose accidentally pushes a wrong button on the console the TARDIS...
  • romance
  • doctorwho
  • tenrose
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Lost In Time: A Doctor Who Fanfiction by Whovianeverlark17
Lost In Time: A Doctor Who Fanfict...by Whovianeverlark17
Lyssa Devons was trying to run away. But a freak lightning storm sent her to another destination entirely - the TARDIS. Now she's being tossed around the Doctor's timeli...
  • twelfthdoctor
  • timeline
  • clara
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Doctor Who X reader Imagines, preferences and one-shots by sophie12245
Doctor Who X reader Imagines, pref...by sophie12245
A compilation of my Doctor x reader ideas. I will do: Occasional classics!!!! 9th Doctor 10th Doctor 11th Doctor 12th Doctor If you want mature scenes, check out my othe...
  • adventure
  • idunnowhatimdoing
  • fluff
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