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The Bad Boys Baby by idonrlknow
The Bad Boys Babyby Idontrlknow
How are you supposed to raise the Bad Boy's baby? Isabelle has her life planned out, every speck. That all changes after a drunken stupor that happens to be with none o...
The Bad Boy Effect by Okapi_427
The Bad Boy Effectby 🗝
Emma Grey is a good girl. She keeps her nose in the books, she never parties, she never does anything wrong. She's stubborn, but she's also smart. Arran Miller is the s...
The Bad Boy's Rules (Sample) by EliahGreenwood
The Bad Boy's Rules (Sample)by Eliah Greenwood
Fiction Awards 2018 Winner in Best Teen Fiction Story, Best Humour Story & Best Wattpad book turned published! Book 1 in the Rules series. Available on Amazon. Ranked #1...
The Bad Boy© (Niall Horan Fanfic) COMPLETED by bellebug23
The Bad Boy© (Niall Horan Fanfic) Belle Horan
Sometimes I feel as if I should receive an award for staying strong for so long. When it becomes almost habit to fake a smile everyday and to hardly ever cry no matter h...
The Bad Boy Broke The Player by LemonsDead
The Bad Boy Broke The Playerby LemonsDead
He was gay He wasn't He was mysterious He was an open book He's never had a relationship He's fucked almost every girl in the school He was the Bad Boy He was the Player
《The Bad Boy》Umeji Kizuguchi x Reader by thatCutesyPie
《The Bad Boy》Umeji Kizuguchi x ahopelessfangirl
The Bad Boy, Umeji Kizuguchi, has a soft side for (Y/n)(L/n) that he tries to hide by teasing and pretending to hate her, but it always wasn't like that, and it took him...
It All Started With A Deal by Kindrajoy
It All Started With A Dealby ᵗᵃᵉˢᵇᵃᵉ
{Under editing} WARNING this book isn't my best so don't judge my writing. This was my first book and my writing has improved immensly. I'm rewriting this whole book so...
Promises to Keep©(Sequel to The Bad Boy) COMPLETED by bellebug23
Promises to Keep©(Sequel to The Belle Horan
She hasn't seen him for nearly 5 years. Does he even remember her? Has he moved on? Will they ever see each other again? Can he keep his promises? Will the past come bac...
Bad Boy (Luke Hemmings Fanfic) by AshtonDimples0
Bad Boy (Luke Hemmings Fanfic)by AshtonDimples0
"He's kind of like, a blow pop" "A blow pop really?" "Yea, he's hard on the outside but in reality he's a totally softy on the inside"
The Bad Boy ~ Jaden Hossler by whdhfie
The Bad Boy ~ Jaden Hosslerby Anfonyluv
A 18 year old named Bri Thomas is new to school. What happens when a good girl meets the bad boy of the school, Jaden Hossler and his boys? ⚠️CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND...
Laxon and Yenissa Oneshots[Not Updated] by Koduchu
Laxon and Yenissa Oneshots[Not Koduchu
All credit for the original story goes to @rae_thereader Is discontinued sadly
The Bad Guys 2022 (Ms. Tarantula x Mr. Piranha) - Miráme Mon Amour by UltimateGamerBR
The Bad Guys 2022 (Ms. Tarantula Ultimate Gamer BR
First Ms. Tarantula x Mr. Piranha Fanfic In the World It was supposed to be only a Night But a Latin Singer calls a little 8 Feets French Hacker to dance and sing along...
My annoying brothers  by allyssawh14
My annoying brothers by allyssawh14
Hey my name is Kylie so I have overprotective brothers but I'm thankful I'm starting to realize it They say I'm innocent I am but I have anger issues and trust issues I...
Bad acquaintance (G.D) by grass333
Bad acquaintance (G.D)by grass333
"I'm sorry that you were special to me." ... A story in which Hayley can't seem to get Grayson out of her mind. He's just too drawn to danger, and at times can...
A Magic Time by countryreb020
A Magic Timeby Country Writer
She was never one for violence. In college she thought she found the man of her dreams until he asked for something she wasn't ready to give up. He turned violent making...
Did my heart love till now? by AlwaysJulyy
Did my heart love till now?by Nikki
**WARNING** This book will contain mature content and if you aren't a fan of it or it may offend you in any way you may leave now or you can skip the chapters as I will...
The Shy Girl And The Bad Boys by CoralReef00
The Shy Girl And The Bad Boysby CoralReef
The Shy Girl at school encounters the Bad Boys catching their eyes. The only problem? She's not interested.
Thick And Thin by itsnotuser123
Thick And Thinby itsnotuser123
Beatrice James is a 18 year old girl. She is known for being really kind, sweet and smart at school. She always has a smile on her face and tends to make others happy, b...
His Sweetheart | heaven.ly_sweet by heavenlysweet15
His Sweetheart | heaven.ly_sweetby heavenlysweet15
"I'm not scared of you" I said with confidence in my voice. He turned around slowly. "Oh really?" He said with a smirk as he began walking towards m...
The Bad Boy's Kisses by breexy74
The Bad Boy's Kissesby breexy74
love-hate relationships are so cliché. Right? Heaven is just a shy girl with a messed up family and a dark past that is coming back to haunt her. Adrian is the bad boy o...