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||See You Again|| ~Ldshadowlady~ by ThatKawaiiCookie
||See You Again|| ~Ldshadowlady~by ThatKawaiiCookie
Not going to spoil to much, But it's about lizzie...? I'm her biggest fan ^-^ don't deny it... I name everything lizzie O.O my birthday cake is purple and pink for her...
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Games {Jizzie And SeaPeeSound} by https_noahbradley
Games {Jizzie And SeaPeeSound}by noah
Lizzie always knew she was different, obsessed with video games and spending more time with boys. The other girls always teased her, but Lizzie didn't care. They were al...
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Adopted By LDShadowlady ❤ by Suicidal_Desperation
Adopted By LDShadowlady ❤by Ryleigh Mason
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Adopted by LDShadowlady "on hold" by AllieKat73
Adopted by LDShadowlady "on hold"by AllieKat73
This story is a fan fiction about my favorite you tuber LdShadowlady and SmallishBeans. This is a fictional story.
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Lizzie and Joel love story by Rcl101Yt
Lizzie and Joel love storyby Rcl101Yt
Beware this is a fan fiction but some parts are real I would give an example but I don't want to ruin the story!
Stuck in Minecraft by CatCat360
Stuck in Minecraftby Catcat
Over 91 million people have gone missing. Their one connection? Minecraft. A random group of players are chosen to try and save the other players stuck in the game. Will...
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The Love That Really Spoke by LD_Shadowlady_
The Love That Really Spokeby LD Shadowlady
This is a story of how me and Joel got together and I absolutely loved the idea that this follower gave me and so I am making the story of her idea.She asked me if I can...
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My real mom is.....LDSHADOWLADY?!?! by Cuberlyfe
My real mom is.....LDSHADOWLADY?!?!by MCLover❤️
You(Ashley) are at an orphanage and when u ask Mrs.johnson "I want to see my birth certificate!" Everything changes!❤️
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Youtuber Imagines by abby-lizzz
Youtuber Imaginesby Abby
It's a book full of imagines...nothing more to say...
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Connected Worlds (LDShadowlady and Smallishbeans fan Fic) by ultimatefangirl0398
Connected Worlds (LDShadowlady ultimatefangirl0398
Lizzie was at a Gaming Convention called GameFest. That was when she met Joel. She never knew that could change everything.
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Jizzie-True Love by ShadowCadet189
Jizzie-True Loveby ShadowCadet189
This is a story about my all time favourite youtubers, LDshadowlady and SmallishBeans. This is my first book so dont judge... ENJOY! :3
Adopted By LDShadowLady by kxwiiis
Adopted By LDShadowLadyby *✧・゚:* 𝐊𝐀𝐘 *:・゚✧*
When Ashley was rushed to a hospital after her parents were lost to a fire, she was sent to an adoption center. She makes a friend in Brooklyn, but Ashley is adopted by...
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Love Out Loud by TabbyKats
Love Out Loudby ↠ Ashleigh ! ❀
Lizzie grew up extremely shy and never liked talking to boys. When a new boy shows up, she suddenly has feelings for him and starts to fall for him. He likes her too, bu...
30 YouTubers, 2 Options, 1 Enemy by kxtnyss
30 YouTubers, 2 Options, 1 Enemyby Katnyss
Way back in 2014, YouTube was the most popular video sharing website known to man. Now. 2019. Five years later. Famous YouTubers started to quit. Move on. YouTube starte...
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Forbidden Love by Alxcess
Forbidden Loveby Elyssa
In Scotland things were hard for Thomas. The hard work of running a minecraft server, while also being deeply in love with one of the mods on the server, Nathan. How wil...
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Minecraftia High - A Boarding School For Minecrafters (FanFiction) by Starrbix07
Minecraftia High - A Boarding Starrbix07
When a Minecrafter reaches the age of 15, or near it, he or she starts at Minecraftia High. It is the year 3007 and many Minecrafters and Minecraft YouTubers have reache...
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Where it all Began // Jizzie [1] (editing)✔️ by ohmymfschnapp
Where it all Began // Jizzie [1] ( mom
[WARNING: this series is written by fetus me, so it's really bad, the grammar sucks and there's a lot of spelling errors... Read if you want :-) <3]
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LD shadow lady facts by gymnasticsgirl33345
LD shadow lady factsby gymnasticsgirl33345
Please read this book and I really hope you like it
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One&only A ldshadowlady and Smallishbean fanfic by g-illia-n
One&only A ldshadowlady and Gillian
Hi! I am in love with ldshadowlady and I think Joel is the best ever I hope you enjoy! Follow my Instagram, Ldshadowloving
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Adopted by LDShadowLady by LDShadowFan
Adopted by LDShadowLadyby Rachael
This is a story about you meaning the character will have your name (Y/N) and your pronouns (Y/P). ~ When YouTube lover Y/N has been in an orphanage her whole life, Y/P...