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full moon ♡ jacob black by AHSGEEKS
full moon ♡ jacob blackby ✨✨✨
"you had a thing for my sister, that's weird." or; the one where bella's younger sister turns sixteen and moves to forks with their father and realizes that i...
What now? by freyaaag
What now?by freyaaag
This is the next story after my Jacob, told in Irina's view..
Time Won't Let Me Go (Twilight Jacob Black Fanfiction) by _EMHWbear
Time Won't Let Me Go (Twilight _EMHWbear
A talented fighter with Olympic goals, Jacob only has two loves, boxing and Bella. When he is forced to make decisions to obtain his dream those passions collide. Follo...
Vampires Can't Touch Me by pattyofurniture
Vampires Can't Touch Meby PattyO
Bella and Jacob have a daughter, Sarah. She finds out a secret about Sam and Emily's shy son, Daven. How can Sarah and Daven work together to rid the rez of vampires? Is...
Imprinted (Jacob Black Story) by leightonwalker
Imprinted (Jacob Black Story)by leightonwalker
Your dad has lived in forks since he was a teenager. He moved away to start a family with your mother. Your dads childhood bestfriends name is Billy Black. He has a son...
superficial | twilight by kirapaynex
superficial | twilightby Kira Alice ✿
Nothing is ever what it seems. Just a grieving girl, thrown into the mess of her new brothers world.
My twilight insight by Cuddlysweet
My twilight insightby Cuddlysweet
this book is not offend any one i love twilight i just want to share my reasons for my choses
my opinions on different ships by shahmeenatiq
my opinions on different shipsby shahmeenatiq
This is my opinion,so if you don't agree with it......its fine I guess but don't hate on me cause I like some non Canon ships And thanks for reading this 😊
Runaway Marriage by pattyofurniture
Runaway Marriageby PattyO
Bella and Jacob marry. Bella finds out about Jacob's recent imprint before he gets the chance to tell her. She's afraid she'll never get to tell him the secret she's bee...
My Jacob by freyaaag
My Jacobby freyaaag
Jacob and Renesmee after twilight ended? Where will this go?
UNRAVEL-Jacob Black FF by morningflowers247
UNRAVEL-Jacob Black FFby Wolfy ✨
Sixteen-year-old Lila Chee goes back home to the Quileute reservation in Washington after her mother is killed in a car wreck. Now parent-less, she lives with her Uncle...
wolf girl. JacobXAmber by Javier_outlaw
wolf girl. JacobXAmberby Jordan 🐻🌻
one boy one girl two wolves two vampires what could go wrong?
★TWILIGHT MEMES★ by recklessveggie
★TWILIGHT MEMES★by i.boop.ur.nose
compilation of memes i had in my camera roll... enjoy little leeches : ) Ps. they get better the farther you get. Trust me: )
Stay Wild 🐺 🌙  by scary-kisses
Stay Wild 🐺 🌙 by Scary makeouts
"When's the last time you saw Jacob Black?" "When he pushed me off the swings, so he could give Bella Swan a turn."
Treetops - Jacob Black x reader by reeces_peaces15
Treetops - Jacob Black x readerby Critical.shadower
Y/N L/N was born on October 31st, 1992, in Forks, Washington state. She, along with her mother were wolves, while her father and her sister were not. And, like mother li...
Beauty & The Beast by BakedTayto
Beauty & The Beastby Taylor May
A twilight fanfiction. OC Tayto moves to Forks Washington with her mom, and enrolls in LA Push highschool on the reservation. She ends up meeting Bella, the members of...
The Red Moon Promise ( Twilight Jacob Black Fanfiction) by _EMHWbear
The Red Moon Promise ( Twilight _EMHWbear
After agreeing to give her short childhood to Bella and Edward, Jacob attempts to live without Nessie. Bored and lonely, he befriends a girl with an abusive step-father...
New Moon (Jacob's Perspective) by dostoevskian
New Moon (Jacob's Perspective)by someone.
When the Cullens, including her beloved Edward, leave Forks rather than risk revealing that they are vampires, it is almost too much for eighteen-year-old Bella to bear...