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Gravity Moves by CheyenneAutumn1
Gravity Movesby Cheyenne Hall
What if Bella didn't jump? What if Edward never went to Italy? Tragedy strikes in Bella's life, giving her what she needs, a strong hatred for Edward Cullen and the tra...
It had to be Jessica by ImNotSecretlyAVampir
It had to be Jessicaby JayceRoth
Waking up as a 12 year old girl was never on my to do list. Especially since I had already gone through puberty, I didn't want to have to do that all over again. Leaving...
~Wolf Girl~ A Jacob X Bella Story~ by Maggs0710
~Wolf Girl~ A Jacob X Bella Story~by MazeRunnerFanficS
Bella had been acting odd and Jacob couldn't help her. What happens when Bella phases? Will her relationship with Edward be the same? Will she grow close to Jacob? Read...
Sunrise by CaitlinJessica126
Sunriseby Caitlin Jessica
Everyone knows the story of Isabella Swan and her life as a human who had been surrounded by legends that were all true. Everyone knows how she chooses Edward Cullen and...
Twilight what if : Bella chose Jacob by anonymous44532
Twilight what if : Bella chose anonymous
My first twilight ff / analysis. Taking information for the books, movies and the illustrated guide and my own opinion. The first chapter will be the analysis and the ne...
Breathe For Two||Jacob Black by aumaba13
Breathe For Two||Jacob Blackby aumaba13
"How I can I be completely wrapped into someone else yet your image is still the first thing I see when I look into anyone's eyes?" Set after Jacob ran away a...
Let's stop before we fall in love.. again by chubbi_cheeks
Let's stop before we fall in Ann_Sy
Post Breaking Dawn. Bella doesn't remember much about her human life once she is turned but what if it all comes back to her? What if her feelings for Jacob resurface? I...
A Werewolf's Mate by RiriSuzaya
A Werewolf's Mateby RiriSuzaya
Jacob x Bella Set in New Moon- Eclipse (I think)
The Sunset and No Edward (Completed) by CallieTheAwesomeLel
The Sunset and No Edward ( Lol
For all you Twilight lovers I've made a book about after Edward left Bella with Renesmee! Please no negative comments! Its been weeks and Edward won't come back to me...
Back in Each Others Arms Again ( ONGOING ) by MsBebeG
Back in Each Others Arms Again ( EraTells
If Its Meant to be It'll be , It'll be , Baby If its Meant to be. Sabi sa kanta ng isang sikat na Hollywood singer na si Bebe Rexha Paano kung Totoo ito? Ano kayang Gaga...
Bellas Life With Jacob  by _hailey_loughren_
Bellas Life With Jacob by hailey Loughren
What if bella never met the cullens....What if she chose her childhood best friend Jacob Instead of Edward...Bella chose to stay with Jacob and she is in love with the a...
Blood Moon (A Twilight Fanfic)  by Delena_gossett
Blood Moon (A Twilight Fanfic) by Delena_gossett
What if Bella didn't end up with Edward what if she never went back to him after he left.
Saving Bella by XxLatersBabyxX
Saving Bellaby XxLatersBabyxX
A Twilight fan fiction --- This story takes place the second Bella sees Jacob Black and Billy Black in her driveway when she is gifted her orange truck--- Bella flys to...
An Imprints Change by mayprincess13
An Imprints Changeby mayprincess13
This is an imprint story between Bella and Jacob. The Cullens' have been gone for a year now, and Bella has finally faced the facts and has accepted her feelings for Ja...
A werewolfs love  by _hailey_loughren_
A werewolfs love by hailey Loughren
Months after bella and Edward end, Jacob admits it so many times that he's in love with bella even if she isn't ready for a new love Jacob will wait forever but still ch...