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Gravity Moves by CheyenneAutumn1
Gravity Movesby Cheyenne Hall
What if Bella didn't jump? What if Edward never went to Italy? Tragedy strikes in Bella's life, giving her what she needs, a strong hatred for Edward Cullen and the tra...
It had to be Jessica by ImNotSecretlyAVampir
It had to be Jessicaby JayceRoth
Waking up as a 12 year old girl was never on my to do list. Especially since I had already gone through puberty, I didn't want to have to do that all over again. Leaving...
~Wolf Girl~ A Jacob X Bella Story~ by Maggs0710
~Wolf Girl~ A Jacob X Bella Story~by MazeRunnerFanficS
Bella had been acting odd and Jacob couldn't help her. What happens when Bella phases? Will her relationship with Edward be the same? Will she grow close to Jacob? Read...
Jacob Black and Me by katohagan
Jacob Black and Meby Katharine
What if Bella had decided not to go to Forks? what if it was you who were destined to be Jacob Black's soulmate?
Senses by SweetAsAndi
Sensesby Andrea
This is an alternate story, my own twist on Twilight. Edward doesn't end up with Bella Swan, but instead he falls for Tamara Richards. **I do not own Twilight, that's a...
New Moon (Fairy Tail Version) by violet_express
New Moon (Fairy Tail Version)by Violet_Express
BOOK 2 It's been two months since the incident with Gray Fullbuster. Natsu and Lucy have been living happily in Magnolia with each other and their families... until Luc...
bellas destiny with Jacob by sup_its_ck
bellas destiny with Jacobby Jackson
what if after Edward left ,Bella got over it quickly and when he came back Bella did something in expected but Edward was certainly mad that Bella loves Jacob 🤞👏💛
Twilight- The White Wolf by Izaya-Uchiha
Twilight- The White Wolfby Izaya Orihara
Edward never came back after that day in the woods, a time that seems so long ago. He just isn't coming, and he never will again. At first, all I could do was deny. I sa...
Married a wolf  by _hailey_loughren_
Married a wolf by hailey Loughren
Bella married jacob instead of Edward, but they stayed close to the cullens when it came to battles the cullens had with the vulturie but jacob and bella figure out thei...
Solstício - Crepúsculo reescrito by anacolutoo
Solstício - Crepúsculo reescritoby anacoluto
Se repetirmos uma mentira por um número considerável de vezes, ela se tornará verdade? Há meses Edward Cullen se foi, deixando para trás Bella em pedaços e sem um propos...
My opinion on ships by Robynhood145
My opinion on shipsby Robynhood145
This is just a little about me and my opinions on ships I will be taking requests if you want me to, just say what you want me to do in the comments If you don't agree...
Time Won't Let Me Go (Twilight Jacob Black Fanfiction) by _EMHWbear
Time Won't Let Me Go (Twilight Jac...by _EMHWbear
A talented fighter with Olympic goals, Jacob only has two loves, boxing and Bella. When he is forced to make decisions to obtain his dream those passions collide. Follo...
Sunrise by CaitlinJessica126
Sunriseby Caitlin Jessica
Everyone knows the story of Isabella Swan and her life as a human who had been surrounded by legends that were all true. Everyone knows how she chooses Edward Cullen and...
What If? by lizzolukosko
What If?by lizzolukosko
So. I took issue with how smeyer treated my boy, as many of us have, and I took it upon myself to re-write the series from Jacob's POV and fix some of the problems I had...
Jacob and Bella: Our Forever {ON HIATUS} by Girl_with_the_Bread
Jacob and Bella: Our Forever {ON H...by AJ
In life, there are two types of people. No I'm not talking about introverts and extroverts. No, I'm not talking about Democrats and Republicans. I'm talking about Team J...
Bellas Life With Jacob  by _hailey_loughren_
Bellas Life With Jacob by hailey Loughren
What if bella never met the cullens....What if she chose her childhood best friend Jacob Instead of Edward...Bella chose to stay with Jacob and she is in love with the a...