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orphic » jacob black by --blaine
orphic » jacob blackby b l a i n e
"I love you not because you sing with my angels.. but because you dance with my demons." disclaimer- I don't own twilight, it owns me. all credit goes to Steph...
heavens calling | carlisle cullen by kirapaynex
heavens calling | carlisle cullenby Kira Alice ✿
Carlisle has been searching for a mate his whole life, but thus far has not succeeded. With his family all mated and settling, he struggles to be around them. Off on his...
Seth Clearwater love story by Kpop_Life12
Seth Clearwater love storyby Kpop_Life12
"Wait! Come back. Your my mate!"Seth yelled at the running girl Read to find out more I only own Liana, Lianas parents,the girl (didn't think of a name), and...
the path of life by crystalsebastian216
the path of lifeby Crystal Sebastian
this story is based on a fifteen year old American teenager Grace Anderson. She has a very nice family, Mom and Dad (Emma and William Anderson) and a very caring brother...
HalfaWolf by LadyNoir303
HalfaWolfby LadyNoir303
Danny, Sam, Tucker and Jazz has a secret. No I'm not talking about Danny's secret. I'm talking about one that isn't even unearthed...yet. "Danny, Jazz. Your adopted...
Open Wound {1}//jb by hazzaswilk
Open Wound {1}//jbby Stefan Salvatore
Avery was the girl Jacob Black loved, before he truely knew how to.
Innocence *Twilight* by apolloshikus
Innocence *Twilight*by apolloshikus
*Set after the events of Twilight:Breaking Dawn* After everything has calmed down, Sam and Emily decide to try to start a family. After trying for so long and nothing h...
Solstice by shygirlreads
Solsticeby shygirlreads
Twinkling (Prequel): Two years after Breaking Dawn, Bella, Edward, and the rest of the Cullen's finally head off to New Hampshire. What will they expect? Solstice: It's...
Forced Into your Heart by wonderfulrose1015
Forced Into your Heartby Elizabeth Rose Andersen
JACOB BLACK had changed into a bad person. He forced Bella Swan to love him, torn her love and her apart. BELLA SWAN is being abused. She was forced changed her name to...
Other Half by DevilSpawnXxx
Other Halfby Sara ★
"I always knew you were my other half, Darling." "Oh, shut it." ••• Jasper Hale x OC
Lunar Black: A Twilight Story by xBlissfulxEternityx
Lunar Black: A Twilight Storyby L. S. R. ❧
This is a story of Bella Swan, but it's different. This takes place after Eclipse. I'm not using Renesmee, because I think it sort of ruins the romance in the books and...
Unfathomable  by Emilly465
Unfathomable by Emilly
Ashton Sandoval has faced many challenges ever since she was diagnosed with cancer and had her left leg amputated. As she started a new school in Forks Washington, she f...
Majestic Me. Being a supernatural hybrid. by ItzIzziieMonsta
Majestic Me. Being a ItzIzziieMonsta
I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS USED. SM DOES. I OWN THE CHARACTERS I MAKE UP AND THE PLOT. Practically everything you've ever heard of. I was born in Russia and lived there...
Life and Death by Aria_Castle16
Life and Deathby Aria_Castle16
Based on the genderswap of Twilight, Life and Death. Beau Swan, an awkward, clumsy teenage guy who wants nothing more than to fade into the background. Edythe Cullen, a...
The Human Cullen by lilly-anne66
The Human Cullenby angsty twihard
Lacie Cullen, the sixteen year old human that has been living with vampires her entire life, gets a big shock when a werewolf imprints on her. What will her and her fami...
Ethereal | Edward Cullen, a Twilight FF by SpontaneousGeek
Ethereal | Edward Cullen, a Hannah Maple
An Edward Cullen love story I fell swiftly to the dirt and pounded my fists against the ground, forming dents in the soft soil. My tearless cries echoed through the wo...