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The lost Cullen~ by Lunathewerewolf729
The lost Cullen~by Lunathewerewolf729
Seraphina Ann Cullen, Rennesmees twin, daughter of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan now known as Bella Cullen. She was left in the woods after being imprinted on by Jacob. H...
Reborn [1] (Jacob Black)  by alliekatt314
Reborn [1] (Jacob Black) by alliekatt314
Mum used to say we were the same soul split in two and walking around on four legs. It seems unnatural being born together and then dying apart. Melodie Ramone Reyna Swa...
Tell-Tail by korinwinchester
Tell-Tailby korinwinchester
Derek, Peter, Aiden and Amara left Beacon Hills, California to go live a peaceful life in Forks, Washington. Little did they know, Forks had many secrets. What happens w...
Chances [2] (Jacob Black)  by alliekatt314
Chances [2] (Jacob Black) by alliekatt314
The incident woke us up. It's like Bella and I were living in a dream and we just woke up to a harsh reality. New cover by me but the old one, which is on the intro cha...
Oh Crap, I'm in Twilight! | Jacob x Oc by Ari8043
Oh Crap, I'm in Twilight! | Jacob...by ~ 𝔏𝔶𝔯𝔦𝔠 ℭ𝔬𝔯𝔡𝔬𝔳𝔞
"Light and Dark.... they need each other, even if they won't admit it.... like you and Edward" ~ Cora Swan I don't own Twilight! I only own my Ocs!!!
The Winters Girl by TheHufflepuffian
The Winters Girlby TheHufflepuffian
a Jacob Black love story-because I don't ship him with a child.
Twilight Saga - New Wolf (JacobXoc) by dutchlatingirl
Twilight Saga - New Wolf (JacobXoc)by Dutchlatingirl
We all know how the Twilight Saga goes. Bella comes to Forks, Washington. Meets and falls in love with Eddie the vampire, vampire and vampire family leave. She turns to...
My Wolf Friend (ON HOLD) by blvckbeaut
My Wolf Friend (ON HOLD)by blvckbeaut
Riana Fay is bookworm. She was the type of girl, who is always on her own and does not have any friends. However, when she is taking a trip into the forest, she meets so...
Sleeping Dogs by thespeedfxrce
Sleeping Dogsby thespeedfxrce
When her father dies unexpectedly on a hiking trip, Caroline starts asking hard questions that come up with no definitive answers. Her Aunt Sue insists she's in denial a...
Running With Wolves (Twilight Fanfiction) by Lavender__Blue
Running With Wolves (Twilight Fanf...by Lavender__Blue
Melanie has deep, ragged scars across her face and back. She has had them since one traumatic night, when she almost died. The Cullens smelled the blood and saved her l...
Sacrifices // Jacob/OC by kams969
Sacrifices // Jacob/OCby kamryn
Juliet Adams has just had to move in with her aunt to a new town halfway through junior year. La Push, Washington. It's incredibly far from home, and it's always raining...
Secrets by 7exie4nne
Secretsby Lexie Anne
I left The Gates to leave behind the secrets that I was not supposed to find out. Little did I know that the town of Forks had a couple of their own secrets.
Assassin's Creed: Playing With Fire by KidintheDark67
Assassin's Creed: Playing With Fireby Livie
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Abberline was known as a strong, happy, although sarcastic, and outgoing person. That was a façade, a mask she put on for those around her...
Illiterate [Permanent Hiatus] by Dangerouspsycho101
Illiterate [Permanent Hiatus]by Carrie Gray
If being Illiterate for a long period of time was what it took to be close friends with someone, then that's what Sierra Yellowknife thought, especially when Bella Swan...
A Troublesome Task by astrailleanima
A Troublesome Taskby Anima Astraille
Evie Frye asked Claudia Wynson, one of the Rooks, to help her out. Turned out Evie wanted her to babysit Jacob, and things went haywire as Claudia tried to get the troub...
Partners In Crime - Jacob & OC Story (ON HOLD) by BlairWaldorfQueenB7
Partners In Crime - Jacob & OC Sto...by Queen Alicization💚
~This is a Assassin's Creed Syndicate Story and A Jacob Frye & OC story ~ Clary is a Assassin from the United States she goes to London with Her twin brother Nick agains...
Hustle & Bustle |  Jacob Frye x OC  by Bronzeetowlz21
Hustle & Bustle | Jacob Frye x OC by Shamrock Paddy ☘️
Dear Annie, I am pleased to hear that your Father wishes for your older sister to come and stay with us in London, I'm quite sure that your Aunt Cynthia will have no dif...
Torn by anotherinsaneteen20
Tornby anotherinsaneteen20
Will Alison Swan be able to adjust to living with her uncle in Forks. Or will the change turn her world forever.