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By dutchlatingirl
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We all know how the Twilight Saga goes. Bella comes to Forks, Washington. Meets and falls in love with Eddie the vampire, vampire and vampire family leave. She turns to Jakey the wolf, wolf helps her. She leaves wolf, wolf gets heartbroken and after all the ridiculous jazz, a war, a wedding and the craziest labor I have EVER seen, wolf imprints on human-vampire-hybrid-daughter. And they live happily ever after.... Well here is a Twilight fanfic for team-JacobXoc. What if you throw another shape-shifting wolfgirl in this big supernatural mess. What if this extra girl happens to be Sam Uleys 16 year old rebellious-sister. And what happens when you do that? Yes, the mess gets bigger but what else? A realistic imprint story for our true Alpha? Exactly! Follow the story of Jacob Black and Kai Uley. *It may contain strong motherfûcking language* (Second Fanfic, don't judge please. And if it looks like I stole something from someone else's story please comment and I"ll change it immediately!)

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by dutchlatingirl