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Fayre by Nikkireadw
Fayreby Nicole
Melissa Crawford thinks she's just a regular teenage girl. She goes to school. She has friends, boy problems, homework...you know, the typical teenage angst. But she cou...
Dark Queen: The Cybelline Prophecies by dramatictealeaves
Dark Queen: The Cybelline Propheci...by dramatictealeaves
A 21st century covert ops agent, Cybelline found herself transported to a medieval world of magic and war without a clue of how she got there. Fine, she'll consider thi...
The Healer and the General by LGW0824
The Healer and the Generalby LGW0
Demetria Viitor is a witch, a half human-half fae hybrid. She was also a healer and slave to the Ura clan. Until the Northern fae attacked and everything changed. Erics...
Who Wants A Blind Mate? (Completed)  by Eunice_Amnell
Who Wants A Blind Mate? (Completed...by Eunice
When a vampire coven requests for a human sacrifice to live peacefully in the same territory as the small Thurman werewolf pack, the alpha's son Jake has little qualms a...
The Heartless Prince | ✔️ by imfeen
The Heartless Prince | ✔️by Julia
"In which a girl watches two princes bow before her" ©Copyright
Deals with the Devil by SAlexander99
Deals with the Devilby S. Alexander
What happens when your parents make a deal with the Devil that you have no say in? What happens when the Devil decides to take you as payment? Willow is not your average...
The Burning Crown by glitter_xox
The Burning Crownby Farrah
"May Starlight protect our Queen." She was a legend hidden in the Human Lands. They say the magic that coursed through her veins was ineffable-her blood roared...
Jupiter Gate by ManaSolStories
Jupiter Gateby SolarWinds
Jupiter Gate is the last Arcane Institute to open its vaunted halls to the People. Long respected for cultivating the most brilliant magical minds in history, it's now c...
Ash like Snow by charlynrosej
Ash like Snowby Charlyn Rose
Thrust into the world of the elite Fae, and the cutthroat courts: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter, Tamsyn's new world proves to be more deadly than anything she has e...
Throne of Glass and ACOTAR // Crossover [CURRENTLY EDITING] by azrosienn
Throne of Glass and ACOTAR // Cros...by ・゚: * abi ・゚: *
During Tamlin's Calanmai celebration and search for a wife, where all the High Lords are invited, a mysterious woman falls through a portal. Aelin Galathynius has no ide...
The Heir and the General by druidrose
The Heir and the Generalby MB | M.Dalto
Forced into an engagement with a man she doesn't love, Reyna must ignore her bond with her father's general in order to avoid a war and save her throne. ...
The Awakening-A Salvatore Brothers Love Story by Angelcake1998
The Awakening-A Salvatore Brothers...by Summer
Olivia Gilbert, twin sister of Elena Gilbert, the most recent Petrova Doppelganger, is a supernatural abnormality. As the first twin of a Doppelgänger to be born, Olivia...
The Painter's Apprentice by AdelynAnn
The Painter's Apprenticeby Adelyn Sterling
[This story is now FREE] Florette moves to Versailles, only to discover a group of Fae are destroying France. Allying with the battled-scarred Destan, she has to save th...
The King's Assassin by HannahGLaine
The King's Assassinby Hannah G. Laine
** Complete - Unedited** "Sometimes I can not remember my name. Not until the large man I call King tells me it. Even then, I am not sure if it is my name or someo...
Tethered by Snoozyn
Tetheredby Snoozyn
-A crown of stars book I- Gilryn Locklore, a highborn Lady of the Elvin Court, is an unfathomable beauty that prefers to spend her days wandering around the dark and dan...
When hearts meet by courtoffrostandfire
When hearts meetby courtoffrostandfire
~ throne of glass and A court of thorns and roses crossover ⚠️ Disclaimer: All characters used in this story are from Sarah J maas! All credits go to her! Only Brion an...
Her Cinder Throne (Completed) by ViridianHues
Her Cinder Throne (Completed)by Cassie Rose
Cole Glassad couldn't care less about the upcoming palace ball meant to find a wife for the prince. Her life is down in the dangerous Sparkstone mines, slaving away for...
Blind Beauty by _nessiex3
Blind Beautyby Vanessa
[COMPLETED|EXTREMELY UNEDITED|WITH BAD SENTENCES & BRUTAL DESCRIPTIONS.** YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.] Have you ever heard of girls who were blind to love? Well, Arlette is phy...
Fierin~Kol Mikaelson by Local_Crack_Whore
Fierin~Kol Mikaelsonby Local_Crack_Whore
Faelynn is the daughter of Maleficent who wants to get away and into the modern world. She decides to travel to a seemingly nice town called Mystic Falls. Soon however...
Natural Instincts - Jared Cameron by bblibby
Natural Instincts - Jared Cameronby Libby Ball
[MATURE content] The unknowingly supernatural 17y/o Juliet Bo moves from Miami to the border of Forks and La Push, where crushes are developed, secrets spilled, and inst...