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Naruto of the Cursed Eye by RaijinNoKen
Naruto of the Cursed Eyeby Tvoje_Chorota
At the Valley of the End Sasuke damages Naruto's eyes and Naruto takes Sasuke's sharingan from his eyesockets and transplants them
Psycho, but cute, but psycho by blaze_sorrows
Psycho, but cute, but psychoby blaze_sorrows
No.1 Romantic story. itachi saves naru from.....who am i kidding. As a child naruto snapped. Watch as pyscho naruto brings havoc to konoha. Find out why in hades he had...
The Godaime's Fox.  by ZeroArashiUchiha22
The Godaime's Fox. by ZeroArashiUchiha22
Takes place after the Tsunade Retrieval arc. Tsunade takes Naruto Uzumaki under her wing as her apprentice and Assasin loyal only to her as 5th Hokage. Naruto/Tsunade Ha...
Uzumaki-sama .The Uzukage (Itanaru)《Naruto Fic》 by Perseades26
Uzumaki-sama .The Uzukage ( Kami
Throughout his whole life he has been beaten, stabbed, rejected, hated and much more. But he has learned to ignore it well... most of it. Some of it goes to his head but...
Uzumaki Ring by ZeroArashiUchiha
Uzumaki Ringby ZeroArashiUchiha
A store owner given the black cursed tape of Sadako Yamamura in hopes that the vengeful ghost kills one. Naruto Uzumaki. Only for the ghost to have other plans for Narut...
A new life in Suna.(Naruto Fanfic) [DISCONTINUED] by Alpha_Beta_Omega2116
A new life in Suna.(Naruto Fanfic) Alpha O. Maiga
What happens if during the mission to wave Naruto had not stabbed himself and they went back to Konoha to remove the poison... due to his freezing up the council declare...
The UzuKazes Princess ( Naruto Fanfic)(ON HOLD) by At_Lantia
The UzuKazes Princess ( Naruto ꧁ᗩᑎᗩᔕIᗩ꧂
Naruto Uzumaki has a lot of secrets.hmm. like him being a red head. Oh and him being not being a him. Yep Naruto Uzumaki is actually Narumi Uzumaki-Namikaze. Otherwise k...
symphogear naruto by FanDenon120
symphogear narutoby Claribel Martinez
naruto gains more than the shadow clone