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Bisakah kalian berhenti mentertawakan kekurangan orang lain? bisakah kalian berhenti menghina makhluk ciptaan tuhan yang paling sempurna? dan bisakah kalian merasakan ra...
Long ago, yes(Youjo senki fanfiction) by CHILLs_Studio33015
Long ago, yes(Youjo senki fanficti...by CHILLs_Studio33015
•This is probably for people who crave for twins or just want to see what this is about •and this book will disappoint you 'I know... I had the guts to say we separate w...
Lost Memories... Gohan's Forgotten True Love (DISCONTINUED) by JanaeH
Lost Memories... Gohan's Forgotten...by JanaeH ❤️🌹
BOOK TWO Sequel to: My true love!!! Gohan and me PLEASE DON'T READ UNLESS YOU HAVE READ MY TRUE LOVE!!! GOHAN AND ME FIRST! ~~~~~~~~~ High school has begun for t...
Same (End) by itsmevicke
Same (End)by Seokjin's 💜
Ini tentang remaja lelaki bernama Gatra, seorang penderita leukemia limfoblastik akut. Dia hanya tinggal berdua dengan sang ibu. Sampai suatu hari ada sebuah fakta yang...
The girl my girl  by fallenangels91
The girl my girl by Dessie
Updates slow. I would update faster when what I am right now, but with my only child being cyber schooled I can only update on weekends or when I can during the week. I...
The end of Paw patrol  by Amenlia13
The end of Paw patrol by Amenlia13
It's basically there in the title, Ryder finds out were his real parents are after the parent takes over ever thing he owns he's friendship with Katie is threatened by...
Ciel x Reader: Double Fancied by Misfit-Pinkie
Ciel x Reader: Double Fanciedby Misfit-Pinkie
You're forced to meet him because of some kind of deal with your companies. You hate each other at first, but as you go on, he starts warming up to you.
My True Love!!! Gohan And Me {DBZ Movie Side Stories} by JanaeH
My True Love!!! Gohan And Me {DBZ...by JanaeH ❤️🌹
This is a SIDE STORY to my first book and will eventually be one for my 2nd story once I get where I need to be. So... If you haven't read my original story: My true lov...
LAUREN JAUREGUI IS MY SISTER by fifthharmonygirl
This is about a girl named tania who has a sister named lauren jauregui she's part of fifth harmony and so when lauren comes home tania has a lot to tell her and especia...
That Monster Is The Father Of My Child (BOOK 1) by Dj_Remegia
That Monster Is The Father Of My C...by Doris Jane Remegia
"Isang Marupok na babae at Isang Manhid na Butiki, Interesting..."
A Hundred Million Worth of Love - (Book Extension of AHMWBS) by justcallmesenyorita
A Hundred Million Worth of Love...by maiora.
●Ongoing and Slow Update● Habang lumalapit ang loob ni Crestania sa mag-amang Merell ay mas nalalapit naman sila sa panganib. Some of the ranker still want to eliminate...
Atlantisin Kayıp Prensesi by muptelaonline
Atlantisin Kayıp Prensesiby ~D
Doğduğu gece, güçlerini kullanabilmek için Hybris tarafından kaçırılan Tania, ailesini öldü biliyordur. Babası, Atlantis'in kralı Hermes, kızını her yerde aratıyordur...
Hey, tania and lauren from my first book lauren jauregui is my sister is back in the second book. It's a continuation when lauren goes on tour again and tania is on her...
Se Rejoindre: And We Meet Again  by _ammy_kaur
Se Rejoindre: And We Meet Again by Ammy Kaur
Laksh and Siddharth tells their daughters about their first love. A story that their daughters finds weird but they aren't aware of the secret behind their first love. ...
Don't Let Me Go No Matter What by MiniBeckyG
Don't Let Me Go No Matter Whatby MiniBeckyG
After breaking up from a toxic relationship with his girlfriend Tania, Chris meets a sweet waitress at a small coffee shop. He repeatedly goes there at the same time eve...
Never Enough by Wild-Kratt-Mess
Never Enoughby Wild-Kratt-Mess
Here is another Caviva story but I don't want to give any information away💜💚😬😛
Dahmer, Time Travel And A Soul Swap. by Ninalak10
Dahmer, Time Travel And A Soul Swa...by StarlightWinter
Co-written with @forestbug Two teenagers find themselves stuck in 1991 in Milwaukee, where one of the most notorious serial killers committed his terrible crimes.
When They Meet Each Other by Tiana_Tania
When They Meet Each Otherby Tiana_Tania
This story are just my imaginations.... Walang katotohanan at pawang kathang isip.... Ang aking inspirasyon sa pag gawa ng kwentong ito ay ang mga kaibigan ko... Babala:...
1 Year To Live by Tania_TR
1 Year To Liveby Tania_TR
It's about a young girl that only has one year to live