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Abused Love(Yn And Mindless Behavior Story) by fruitydimples
Abused Love(Yn And Mindless Behavi...by fruitydimples
Yn (Your name) get abused/bullied by a of group of boys. Prince, Roc, Ray, and Prod. They torture you everyday. Roc and Prince live down the street from you and Prod and...
But I'm yours (a mindless behavior love story) by Yonnie__
But I'm yours (a mindless behavior...by Yonnie__
Can a few scerets really ruin a friendship?? Tea and ace have been keeping away their true feeling for each member of mindless behavior. Well it cause drama or romanc...
Look At Me Now | Ray Ray Love Story | by FreeeeXO
Look At Me Now | Ray Ray Love Stor...by f o r e í g n
Lyrik never knew the meaning of true friendship and love until he came back into her life . *** WARNING ! The first 8 chapters are very basic ! Please do not let it tur...
Yn let me love you (a mindless behavior love story, starring you) by Xx_myaaaa_xX
Yn let me love you (a mindless beh...by Myaaa got the juice
yn doesnt want to go to the mindless behavior concert but her friends force her too. will yn regret saying she hates mindless behavior. well find out by reading.
(ON HOLD) Ready For Love (A Mindless Behavior Ray Ray Love Story) by SavageRoyalty
(ON HOLD) Ready For Love (A Mindle...by SavageRoyalty
Miyah Is A Very Famous Youtube Comedian She Has About 800,000 Subcribers Shes Carmel Skintoned Hazel Eyes And Long Black Hair And A Bangin Body She Looks Similar To Her...
Personal Business  by HeLovesBriana
Personal Business by HeLovesBriana
THIS STORY IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY! You are a well-known female entertainer at a huge club. A businessman offers a job and your nightlife change. How will this rela...
Super High (Prodigy Love Story) by LilBlackAngel
Super High (Prodigy Love Story)by Life Hays
Aria Holmes is a...special teenager. Her and her friends are special, but a good kind of special. They're different from other teens. They have super powers. This super...
8 Years gone to waste by AnisaOliviaa
8 Years gone to wasteby Anisa Olivia🤍
It's hard being me. I work, I have twins and I have a husband who hardly comes home. I don't know if he's actually working or just avoiding his own family. We argue and...
Adopted By Mindless Behavior✔ by hope1299
Adopted By Mindless Behavior✔by kk.slays
Madison is 5 yrs.she never spoke a word since she been in the orphanage. Because of that she get bullied. One day, a famous boy band walk in. Will they make Madison come...
Problems That Can Turn To Mistakes by dm_the_love
Problems That Can Turn To Mistakesby dm_the_love
Roc Royal is a 22 years old rapper that lives in Los Angeles Californian with his girlfriend\ baby mother Yn and his 7 years old daughter Jasmine. The two couples had a...
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story) by misfitprincessss
Hidden (A Princeton Love Story)by misfitprincessss
Jacob is a poor teenager taking care of his two younger sisters. His mom is an alcoholic and doesn't help at all. His brother is just as much help as his mom. Jacob does...
You were my first (Mindless behavior story starring you) by ILYwoww
You were my first (Mindless behavi...by I LOVE AALIYAH DAFUQ
Lockdown With Mindless Behavior Love Story Starring You by PimpMisfit
Lockdown With Mindless Behavior Lo...by 💕
Have you ever dreamed of meeting your favorite boy band? What about having a conversation? Well, I had more than that. It was a typical day for plain 'ol me. Just regula...
Random Celebrity Imagines *Slow Updates* by UltimateGOAT2006
Random Celebrity Imagines *Slow Up...by 💕💍👑
Just Random imagines with your favorite celebrities funny 😂 freaky 👅💦🍆 sweet🍬🍫😍 sad😢 weird😕😂 I take requests also!!📱 Please Read!📖 Love ya!💖😘
Living With Mindless Behavior by kweenmomo
Living With Mindless Behaviorby Momo
This is the experience of Living With Mindless Behavior....Featuring You!!!
Love In High School | Mindless Behavior FanFic by QueenRoyal
Love In High School | Mindless Beh...by QueenRoyal
What would it be like to have Mindless Behavior attend your school for Senior Year? Created: 2013 Finalized: 2021 ©QueenRoyal
The Big Picture (Jacob Perez Love Story) by marireadsandwrites
The Big Picture (Jacob Perez Love...by Marii c:
Kyra Serenity Thompson. Sounds like an innocent name, right? Unlike normal girls, Kyra was mute. That's right, can't talk. Because of her gangland past, she's chosen onl...
Celebrity Imagines  by Danniduhh
Celebrity Imagines by Danni.duhh
Tell me any celebrity! I will try to make you a short story with the person and you. Let your imagination run wild and free! (Not my cover. Found it on Google)