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Borderlands Reader Imagines < Book 1 > by dramawrites
Borderlands Reader Imagines by dramawrites
Borderlands series imagines. With the new release of Borderlands 3, requests are open and updates will come soon.
Stop And Stare (Handsome Jack X Reader) by voodoochickenfoot
Stop And Stare (Handsome Jack X Re...by Voodoo Chicken Foot
What happens when someone you loved comes back in a whole new way? Let's just say it gets a little bit handsome! And it all happened because of a promotion, a silly grou...
Tales from the Borderlands One Shots by ReiGn165
Tales from the Borderlands One Sho...by Eyes up, Guardian
(TFTBL Character X Reader) COMPLETED Tales From the Borderlands One Shots series, here for your enjoyment of character scenarios and inserting yourself in the story to m...
Borderlands x Reader : Headcannons / Scenarios by Miss_Dead_Inside
Borderlands x Reader : Headcannons...by Miss_Dead_Inside
•1st In TalesFromTheBorderlands 9-15-19 I made this because of Borderlands 3 coming out soon to help with my hype! I love the game and wanted to make one of these for a...
Handsome Jack X Reader by BorderlandsFanfics
Handsome Jack X Readerby Handsome jackass
You've been living on Pandora all your life. You were a trained assassin and working for vault hunters. There was always complications but never have you failed a missio...
Handsome Jack X reader( student) by 1jasonvoorheesfan
Handsome Jack X reader( student)by One man apocalypse
What if the great handsome Jack was a school teacher. Don't get me wrong, he his hot but his personality isn't right one a teacher, since he beats some students in the c...
Tales from the Borderlands by CelestialShadowWolf
Tales from the Borderlandsby Lost in the Stars
Rhys has created an A.I. named Chase. She has a personality like a normal human being and has a human body. She can also turn into a hologram at will. She helps around H...
RHACK TEXTS by anti_zomboi
RHACK TEXTSby 𝚛𝚘𝚛𝚢 ♡
A compilation of Jack and Rhys texts. All the text prompts are from Tumblr & Pinterest! Art on cover by kinkynuts and gilbert_bruege on Tumblr! Also, if any art included...
Child of pandora (borderlands x child reader by Reaper-fire
Child of pandora (borderlands x ch...by Reaper-fire
Back so soon for another tale eh? Then listen to this one, Pandora is a land of danger, adventure, of people trying to turn you into a meat bicycle, crazy is quite abund...
Braveheart by -TheValkyrie-
Braveheartby Mercy
I walked the hot planes of Pandora, searching for a sign of my friends. "God damn it. Fiona! Where the hell are you? Hyperion boy? Sasha? Vaughn?!" Ugh god I...
Tried Peace by Psiioniic
Tried Peaceby Nel
Rhys, after rising in the ranks of Hyperion has managed to land the job as none other than Handsome Jack's Personal Assistant. Sounds great, but for a hard working omega...
Handsome Jack x OC by closet_otaku2234
Handsome Jack x OCby closet_otaku2234
Tay was friends with Jack before he died. She knew everything about him even his past. She's seen his true face. He was madly in love with her but he died before he coul...
A Handsomely Robotic Love Story (Handsome Jack x Reader x Rhys) by AvaLeeBen
A Handsomely Robotic Love Story (H...by Ava
(Jack x Siren!Reader x Rhys) Helios, a place of savages and ass kissers, not a very appealing place, but still not the worst. Although it happens to be the place where B...
Rhack one-shots (and probs short stories?) by NewGoatInTown
Rhack one-shots (and probs short s...by Rhysie's-pretzels
I promise I'm better at third person than first I probably wont use names for all chapters, just random things If there's any you want in an actual story or something I...
Rhack Oneshots by LegallyAfraidOfMen
Rhack Oneshotsby Savage_Ga$p_Mommy
Literally just for the thirstiest like me :)
Idle Hands by ForsakenPoptart
Idle Handsby Me I Guess
All Rhys could do was bite his tongue and grind his teeth, keeping himself from swinging on thin air. Even without Athena eyeing him suspiciously there wasn't anything h...
fragment // borderlands by mewtraa
fragment // borderlandsby Rhys
when a vault hunter and an ex-hyperion worker cross paths, they get thrown into a whirlwind of adventure beyond anything they could have imagined. chased by powerful bea...
Please don't go, I love you so (Yandere! Handsome Jack x Reader) by oh_its_Alastor
Please don't go, I love you so (Ya...by Leigh / Bambi
Well I don't wanna give anything away but title tells you what's up
▪Sick▪ { Handsome Jack x reader } by goldscane_kennysboat
▪Sick▪ { Handsome Jack x reader }by bobby_kenny_fan
□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■□■ Forget it, I'll do it sometime I'm locked up on the button Can't you do it sometime? Pushed it in too far Fine, electrify mine, oh Electrify my gold...
Hidden Away by InsaneSepticJane
Hidden Awayby 'Angelic' Brutis
Female!Rhys x Handsome Jack #1 talesfromtheborderlands #1 Hyperion