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[HandsomeJack/Reader] Dreams Don't Always Go To Plan by BumblingBunny3
[HandsomeJack/Reader] Dreams Don' BumblingBunny3
A non-cannon fanfic of Borderlands. Handsome jack, Rhys, and a few others will be making an appearance. You work hard at your job and it's been noticed, but never enoug...
The vault hunters friend  by Beaner10
The vault hunters friend by Beaner10
(Y/N) is a close friend to Gaige so when he heard that she was heading to pandora to be a vault hunter he got worried and decided to throw his future away just to go wit...
Handsome Jack x Reader by S_R222
Handsome Jack x Readerby S - Anon
I have the biggest crush on Jack so I decided to start writing a fanfic about him! I don't really know how much parts this is going to be but I guess that's all dependen...
The Psycho of Remnant (Abused and neglected Krieg the Psycho reader x RWBY) by BaloneyPhobos
The Psycho of Remnant (Abused Baloney
Krieg Rose was the eldest child of the Rose family but the people who only loved him was his mother Summer and Ruby his little sister and his aunt Raven...while the othe...
Borderlands X Male Reader by tora117
Borderlands X Male Readerby tora gilie
Your a genetically engineered humanoid eridian made to be a part of her army but that all changes when she gets to know you. That's all your getting sorry. P.s may or m...
Borderlands harem x ryusoulger male reader by theriderbasa4
Borderlands harem x ryusoulger theriderbasa4
Again you get get thrown in another world but the world Pandora during a time where a handsome man wage war on the people to wake an ancient alien warrior but only thing...
 °•A.I.B X Reader •° by Shadowfam
°•A.I.B X Reader •°by Shadowfam
A free for all book of moments with you and Chishiya/other Alice in borderland characters <3 Not to be taken to serious Im just bored This is also to help me improve...
Timothy x Moxxi (Borderlands Pre-Sequel) by pacquiao27
Timothy x Moxxi (Borderlands Tactical Triscuit
This will be an alternate universe where the ending of this story will be a lot different than the actual pre-sequel
Book of One Shots (Various x Male Reader) by Beanyboy2002
Book of One Shots (Various x Oliver Bean
A book full of One Shots for various different fandoms. Including various male or female characters x male reader. I do not own any of these however and all characters...
Vault Hunter's Lifestyle: Borderlands 2 Harem x Male Reader [DISCONTINUED] by Super761
Vault Hunter's Lifestyle: Super761
Pandora, basically hell to most people I mean who wants to go there willingly?! Well this is the "misfortunate" tale of a man... Who finds himself in a life he...
Female various x Male reader one shots (Closed and on hold) by The_Spade_Hunter
Female various x Male reader one Wade Spade
Mostly stories I'll do when I got nothing to do
|𝙃𝙄𝘼𝙏𝙐𝙎| Troυвleмαĸer, Cнιѕнιyα Sнυɴтαro х Reαder by anxiezuIl
|𝙃𝙄𝘼𝙏𝙐𝙎| Troυвleмαĸer, Cнιѕн ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
Arisu Y/n, an aspiring detective and also a loving sister, she most likely spend her free time with her older brother -Ryōhei- and his friends -Karube and Chouta- becaus...
Borderlands: Male Reader Scenarios by SirDoomGuy
Borderlands: Male Reader Scenariosby SirDoomGuy
The title says it all. I write down scenarios with the various women of Pandora, and of course, YOU! This is the first time I've ever written a scenarios book, let me kn...
Dying Days: Yandere x Reader One Shots #Requests: CLOSED# by Twilight175
Dying Days: Yandere x Reader One Twilight175
Read the title, read the rules. Requests are closed. *I don't own the characters I just write the stories.*
New Perspective ~ A Handsome Jack x Reader Story by lilb1hbbykk
New Perspective ~ A Handsome kat
!This story is not according to the (exact) events of the borderlands games! This is a second person story (x reader) for the readers pleasure! As a vault hunter, (and b...
Random Oneshots by ra9_is_my_religion
Random Oneshotsby ImmaSexyPancake
This is just a small book full of oneshots I have made because I legit have no life :). I do NOT own a SINGLE character in this book. All rights go to the creators and w...
Handsome Jack X Reader by BorderlandsFanfics
Handsome Jack X Readerby Handsome jackass
You've been living on Pandora all your life. You were a trained assassin and working for vault hunters. There was always complications but never have you failed a missio...
Handsome Jack x Reader: Call me Jack, Honey by swoonspoon
Handsome Jack x Reader: Call me JOIA
„Mr. Tassiter? Mr. Tassiter are you there?" „Mr Tassiter's been replaced, sweetcheeck. Starting today, you're working for ME."
Handsome Jack x Child Reader  by A_Fan_With_Dreams
Handsome Jack x Child Reader by carnage
A little girl with only one sole purpose, experimentation. She despises the god of these people, Handsome Jack. He's the reason she's in pain, he's the reason she isn't...
AiB -A Different Friendship by ZwhAlex
AiB -A Different Friendshipby Zwh Alex
The psychopath everyone hates meets the new girl. Kuina knows something that Niragi don't.