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Hunting For Vaults by N19HTB0T
Hunting For Vaultsby N19HTB0T
Troy Calypso x Reader RUN RUN RUn rUN, but don't hide little vault hunter. Although you've came here for the fun of hunting for the vault you just find someone you love...
Handsome Jack x Reader: Call me Jack, Honey by swoonspoon
Handsome Jack x Reader: Call me JOIA
„Mr. Tassiter? Mr. Tassiter are you there?" „Mr Tassiter's been replaced, sweetcheeck. Starting today, you're working for ME."
Borderlands x Reader : Headcannons / Scenarios by Miss_Dead_Inside
Borderlands x Reader : Miss_Dead_Inside
•1st In TalesFromTheBorderlands 9-15-19 I made this because of Borderlands 3 coming out soon to help with my hype! I love the game and wanted to make one of these for a...
Handsome OneShots [Handsome Jack X Reader] by DarkIsNoSissy
Handsome OneShots [Handsome Jack DarkIsNoSissy
So since the borderlands community is coming to a rise of a new beginning. I decided that i will make a oneshot book for all of you lovers of handsome jack! Also a littl...
Borderlands 3 Oneshots  by XxAcidicGoddessxX
Borderlands 3 Oneshots by Kristen Hall
Oneshots of your favorite characters, already existing or new. Don't forget to support me on my Tumblr too where I post these as well! xxang3lw1ngxx
The Lord of Death: Reaper reader x borderlands 3 by GASTLY42957
The Lord of Death: Reaper reader Rhogar
"I am the lord of death. All who have lived will see me once, at the time they die. And if you've seen me more than once....consider yourself lucky. You either saw...
Borderlands Lemons + Oneshots by KingOfTortoises
Borderlands Lemons + Oneshotsby KingOfTortoises
Just as the title says I own nothing I'm very slow at updating so be warned.
Borderlands Reader Imagines < Book 2 > by dramawrites
Borderlands Reader Imagines by dramawrites
This is book two of my reader/borderlands series, make sure to check out book 1 as well send in requests. Any left over requests from book 1 will be in book 2. I do char...
Borderlands2  Kreig's new friend by EllaFletcher9
Borderlands2 Kreig's new friendby Ella Fletcher
Kreig was away from the city when he sees some bandits surrounding someone, gets rid of the bandits only to find a young human, reminding him of maya he looks after her,
Brother Of the Handsome one (Male reader x borderlands) by MrMechPunch
Brother Of the Handsome one ( Mr.MechPunch
Y/N is a blood-related brother of Handsome Jack and secretly a siren. After the events of opening the Vault on Elpis (Before Jack became the CEO) Y/N noticed changes in...
Borderlands x Reader {One-Shot Book} by Somebodyexe
Borderlands x Reader {One-Shot Somebodyexe
A collection of one-shots that include the characters from Borderlands, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, Borderlands 2, Borderlands 3 & all of the DLC's in each game. Will i...
ZerØed in (Male reader x kill la kill) by Sweeper_Bot
ZerØed in (Male reader x kill la Ernest-07
Description in progress (Author: I don't know if I'll update this cause ,well it's a project.)
Borderlands 3 One shots by Pokkin
Borderlands 3 One shotsby Pokkin
Not accepting requests! Sorry! :'( I just don't have enough time to work on those. [Y/N] is a simple girl, with simple needs. One of those needs happens to be playing th...
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Stumble (Borderlands fan Story) by LydiaLuxerio
Stumble (Borderlands fan Story)by LydiaLuxerio
Linka was an overall sheltered girl. Living her life with her adoptive father Alistair Hammerlock, who wanted to protect her from the world because of her unique power...
Stalker (Fl4k x reader) by Zainy_Zenith
Stalker (Fl4k x reader)by Zainy_Zenith
I bought Borderlands 3 and immediately knew Fl4k would be my favourite character so I'm writing a fic about them since there's almost nothing on here!! The reader / Y/N...
the beast master of remnant by rex103rex
the beast master of remnantby rex103rex
what if fl4k was sent to remnant and meets team rwby and jnpr during their initiation and becomes friends with them
Light The Fire by Iloveanimals190
Light The Fireby Trumpetplayer190
(Not like Lilith's Twin) (Completed) Amara and her group need some help and go to Liz and she is having a bit of problems herself with her boyfriend at Dahl, working for...
Ain't No Place Like Space [Borderlands 3: Amara x F!Reader] by lavendervanessa
Ain't No Place Like Space [ Vanessa
I fell in love with Amara playing BL3. I hope people who love her will love this story, too. [Active] [Unfinished]
Borderlands Drabbles by OctopusGoat111
Borderlands Drabblesby Vi is bae
Oneshots, drabbles, thoughts, and rants. Because my love/hate relationship needs to be shared. #1 in gearbox (3/21/2020 LMFAO WHY IS THAT EVEN A TAG) Published: 3/20/2020
Zer0 Conversation Skills (Zer0 x Lorelei) by Flamma246
Zer0 Conversation Skills (Zer0 x Flamma246
Zer0, the once ruthless assassin, has moved on from that title, sought out new roles to play, tried new jobs along the line of killing. He seeks a challenge that will tr...