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in reverse-adam banks(1) by 2mischiefmanaged
in reverse-adam banks(1)by emily
"Not possible. Things don't happen in this order. You can't do this in reverse." they were forced to be enemies. except she can't take it anymore adam banks x...
nervous ↠ d3 by briiswriitings
nervous ↠ d3by brianna 🏜
❝You're oblivious! Can't you see that literally everyone in this school is jealous of you? They stare at you in awe. Even the cheerleaders and the stupid varsity jocks...
Tales from the Borderlands One Shots by ReiGn165
Tales from the Borderlands One Eyes up, Guardian
(TFTBL Character X Reader) COMPLETED Tales From the Borderlands One Shots series, here for your enjoyment of character scenarios and inserting yourself in the story to m...
Be Alright. (a Justin Bieber story) by ottawalieber
Be Alright. (a Justin Bieber story)by soph
(Completed) Nevaeh is probably the luckiest girl...after what had happened to her. She was abandoned by her parents the day after her 13th birthday in the big city of Lo...
Adam Banks || Handed To You  by GoldBxnkies
Adam Banks || Handed To You by GoldBxnkies
"How could this be possible, do you think Dad had something to do with it?" . . Rebecca Riley, much like her older brother Rick, always had things in life ha...
You Light Up the Sky Like Lightning by Angels_Do_Exist
You Light Up the Sky Like Lightningby Angels_Do_Exist
Landry's uncle is Scooter Braun. Recognize that name? He's Justin Bieber's manager. Landry has to move in with her aunt and uncle because her parents are getting divo...
Purpose: A Justin Bieber x Reader by batmanwife13
Purpose: A Justin Bieber x Readerby Karrington Jones
An Original Justin Bieber x Reader. Y/N has been dreaming of meeting her dream guy her whole life. Well, that guy may just be Justin Bieber himself. As life goes on, Y...
Texting | Justin by kiribizzle
Texting | Justinby Kiribizzle
When Alyssa puts in the wrong number little did she knew that it would turn out in such an amazing way
Nothing Like Us by BieberftFifthHarmony
Nothing Like Usby BieberftFifthHarmony
Everything was going right for both Justin and Lauren until that night. Everything changed and their relationship ended. Justin does everything he can to try win Lauren...
T n' T Love is explosive | √ by baby-dolly
T n' T Love is explosive | √by 𝖡𝖾𝗍𝗁𝖺𝗇𝗒 𝖲.
After the break up between Tanner and Taylor, Tanner is left heartbroken. His thoughts haunt him at night and when she moves on so quickly it stabs him in the heart. He...
New Perspective ~ A Handsome Jack x Reader Story by lilb1hbbykk
New Perspective ~ A Handsome kat <3
!This story is not according to the (exact) events of the borderlands games! This is a second person story (x reader) for the readers pleasure! As a vault hunter, (and b...
The Truth About Jelena Relationship by larevelatrice
The Truth About Jelena Relationshipby La révélatrice Officielle
By reading this book you will discover the whole truth about the famous Jelena relationship that follows "The whole truth about Hailey Baldwin". There are many...
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A Real Disney Story (Ariana Grande And Justin Bieber Fanfic) by BritishBows
A Real Disney Story (Ariana Nya
A Girl And A Boy Who Accomplished The Same Dream and Became Big Popstars And Had A Crush On Eachother For years now...what will happen when they run into each other at D...
Aftermath of the Muppets  by LimeLightElixir
Aftermath of the Muppets by WAKE.ME.UP.INSIDE
Rowlf's an alcoholic Fozzie has depression Gonzo is in the hospital with a broken leg Scooter developed Anxiety Swedish chef has a eating disorder Lew is broken The e...
I Fell In Love With My Best Friend (Justin Bieber Fanfic) by bizzlexqueens
I Fell In Love With My Best kyla
Life as Scooter Braun's daughter has never been easy. Except for the fact that he brought you your best friend. Justin Bieber. What happens when you and Justin fall in l...
Head Over Heels:The Missing Pieces: Believe In Me: Justin Bieber Love Story by LostxInxStereo
Head Over Heels:The Missing LostxInxStereo
She was all I ever wanted, and now I had her, she was mine, and at this point, no one could take her from me I just miss her, ya know? I thought touring would have bee...
Justin Bieber Gets Spanked by kaydenlove6
Justin Bieber Gets Spankedby Kayden
In this story Justin Bieber does bad things, and he finds himself in a situation that leads to a bit of trouble. Read to know what those things are, and what happens.
~Biebers Got A Fever~ (A Short Story) by RumorsHaveWings
~Biebers Got A Fever~ (A Short Aurora
Justin Bieber is not feeling to well, its a good thing his girlfriend Natalie is there to take care of him! With her help he'll be back to normal soon:D -- A sweet litt...
My Smiles (SML au) by ViaLoveSick25
My Smiles (SML au)by ViaLoveSick25
SML ship book. ships include: Junior x Joseph Cody x Toad Brooklyn guy x Chef Pee Pee Jeffy x Scooter Bill x Patrick Mario x Black Yoshi x Rosalina New Ships: Karen x Ju...