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Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Imagines by SkyeeRosexo
Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Imaginesby Skye-Rose
Just as the title says. A bunch of shield imagine Reader x Character I will take requests to.
This Animal I am Becoming (A Bitten fanfic) by Queso0317
This Animal I am Becoming (A Queso0317
A prequel spin-off to my other cross over series, This Animal I Have Become. You don't have to read my other story to know what is going on and if you like Bitten then t...
Halo x reader one shots [REQUESTS CLOSED.] by pandashifter2042
Halo x reader one shots [ Arnileigh2042
Reader x any halo character REQUESTS AR OPEN!
Daisy's Sister (AOS) by SkyeeRosexo
Daisy's Sister (AOS)by Skye-Rose
'Dream a dream, wish a wish then believe them things will go your own way' - Millie-rose 💛 Daisy has a sister 16 years old called Millie-Rose 'Lillie' Daisy would do an...
Open Your Eyes (Cisco Ramon) by viviensharpe
Open Your Eyes (Cisco Ramon)by Vivien Sharpe
A CISCO RAMON LOVE STORY! (Season 5 +) Aria Queen. Little sister of Oliver, Twin of Thea. Who just so happens to catch the eye of Cisco Ramon. But when Cicada strikes...
1776 {COMPLETED} by StoriesByGracex
1776 {COMPLETED}by StoriesByGracex
When Savannah Sorrentino wakes up in the woods with three other people, they discover that it's January 4, 1776, before America was created. They must work together to s...
Writers Block by kolibrikay
Writers Blockby Kolibri Kay
A collection of prompts, instructional writing etc. Getting the creative juices flowing when I got a bad case of writers block.
FROM THE DEPTHSby The Tired Alliance
A scientific discovery leads to something extrodinary.
Echo Mirror Jump by Author_Beck_Carter
Echo Mirror Jumpby Beck Carter
A fleet of extraordinary ships left the Foristi planet, bearing an entire civilization of humans. They had no choice but to run, abruptly leaving a hostile situation wit...
Superiora by Valencia_Valentine16
Superioraby Valencia
Jordan a young teenage girl and her gay bestfriend Peter find out that she has powers. Thay set out to find who and what she is. All the while the CIA is out looking f...
Supernatural || WWE  by bellalover214
Supernatural || WWE by ͏s͏a͏b͏r͏i͏n͏a ♡
In a world where WWE superstars are vampires, what will they do to stay unnoticed and not die a second time?
Confined  by vegetasblondehairdye
Confined by IT'S KO-MANIA!
A group of college kids on summer break, decide to go on a road trip to visit the most haunted sights in the country. That is up until a tornado sweeps their van away an...
My Second Life by fccous
My Second Lifeby fccous
Imagine falling asleep in one life. And waking up in another. What if your life as you know it. Is just a bad dream.
Anarchy by CharesiaWhittaker
Anarchyby CharesiaWhittaker
William lives in a dystopian society called Diecil that has been ruled by extraterrestrials, it's up to him to show his people the truth and end the reign of the Kiyzons.
dead planet by captianalexvangralf
dead planetby crimson vangralf
Its the year 2110. The moon and a bunch of planets have been colonized,but a out break of a strange infection halts progress and risks humanity
An S.H.I.E.L.D Agent by SkyeeRosexo
An S.H.I.E.L.D Agentby Skye-Rose
Elizabeth Kathleen May is the daughter of Agents May and Coulson, growing up May kept the secret about Coulson being Elizabeth's dad until she was 14; when Elizabeth tur...
The Way We're Wired | Coming Soon by AubreyParsons
The Way We're Wired | Coming Soonby Aubrey Parsons
Highest ranking #67 in secretidentity • At thirteen, Avianna Ellis was legally pronounced dead, along with her parents and younger brother. What nobody els...
Top Secret by LittleBlueberryCake
Top Secretby LittleBlueberryCake
Recruited right out of High school by a government agency Chan and Yuta are at first rather confused as to why they are asked to join a trained team of spies. After the...
The Dead Zone by PaigeMarie777
The Dead Zoneby Paige Marie
The dead are rising in Sutton Massachusetts. The only person there to put a stop to it is the head of the C.I.A.'s Supernatural division, 12-year-old Athena. But is ther...