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Roots by xFakingaSmilex
Rootsby Staaff
While falling in love with a drug kingpin, Tikera must prove she can survive in his dangerous world - and convince him their relationship is worth fighting for. ...
Claimed By Him Without Love (#Wattys2016) by beyondocean
Claimed By Him Without Love ( beyondocean
Higest rank #1 in romance on 27.07.2016 His both hands were on the wall on either side of me, pinning me to the wall... ''you will not talk to any other men except me...
There's Nothing Without You (Under editing) by anandruchi
There's Nothing Without You ( anandruchi
Previous Title : Tum Jo Nahi Toh Kuch Bhi Nahi He was sitting emotionlessly. then see toward her in anger. She also looked at him but she was confused to see anger in hi...
Maybe You Could Change Me? by Fizaxbieber
Maybe You Could Change Me?by f i z a
"I'm so god damn addicted to you." This story is about a criminal. Not just any but a criminal who has killed a lot of people, robbed more banks than you can c...
Hex [h.s] [Editing] by triciajxo
Hex [h.s] [Editing]by tricia
"To break the curse is to kill the one who casted it upon you." Book #1 Trailer is made by: @BoundToLove Highest rank: #51 in Fanfiction
60 DAYS by rinahgithaiga
60 DAYSby Rinah Githaiga
🕒🕒🕒🕒 The Clock is ticking... But he is falling... The days are counting... The mission must be accomplished!🎩 60 DAYS 🕒🕒🕒🕒
boys don't cry. [h.s]  by styleskaia
boys don't cry. [h.s] by mari
Although she wouldn't like to admit it, Isabel Allen can be selfish, argumentative, and more than a little insecure. When she and the moody, tattooed and positively inf...
IN THE NAME OF LOVE (completed) ✅ by loveforbooks333
" let's get married" he said making my eyes go wide. " Wwhhat ?" I shouted grabbing attention. " I want to marry you " he spoke seriously...
The Star With No Past by rory256
The Star With No Pastby rory256
#7 General Fiction 05/08/2017 Angie Cooper woke up in hospital without any memory of her past or identity. She didn't had ID with herself and nobody was looking for he...
3000 Nights by LiteraryMusician
3000 Nightsby LiteraryMusician
▪▪▪ They spent 3000 nights watching each other from afar. Both plagued by a sense of longing towards the other, girl and wolf. Stuck, on opposite sides of the playing...
The Woman that No One Noticed (girlxgirl) by AmarisKeifer
The Woman that No One Noticed ( Amaris Keifer
What had first started out as a baffling obsession, slowly evolved into something deeper... *** I update every Friday! :)
Winning the Bad Girl's Heart by STUD247
Winning the Bad Girl's Heartby STUD247
You know of all these stories being about the good girl meets the bad boy and they fall in love? Yeah, this is not one of those stories. Cason Jones, the nerd. Very quie...
Demon by drummergirlirwin
Demonby Jordan
"I was sent here with a mission," He spoke lowly, his voice sounding deep and husky. "And very specific orders." His hazel eyes seemed to darken in c...
Becoming A Hero: Book 1*Complete* by ale_mar_4life
Becoming A Hero: Book 1*Complete*by Alex
Alejandro is a normal boy, but all that changed when the meteors fell to Earth. The strange radiation made him and many other people superhuman, all with different abili...
Hold Me Tight | Min Yoongi FF by Her_Singularity
Hold Me Tight | Min Yoongi FFby Her_singularity
[Completed] Summary: You were looking the night sky in your balcony when a mysterious man fell from above & suddenly kissed you. He then pulled away from the kiss and sm...
The Mute Badass (continued) by megan13nicole
The Mute Badass (continued)by Megan Nicole
Aura Price just got released from juvie. Why? She murdered her parents, that's why. She got arrested at the age of 7, now she's 18. Yeah, 11 years of juvie, but nobody...
With a brutal, faceless killer walking freely on the streets of Freetown, everyone's instinct is to run and hide. Seventeen-year-old Cassidy Meyer's instincts however, i...
Professor or Obessessed of her by NidaQureshi330
Professor or Obessessed of herby Nida Qureshi
hey guys thus is my 4 story hope u all like my stories and plz follow me luv u all✋✋😜😜
Gods & Monsters; Unchained by lunamisia
Gods & Monsters; Unchainedby Luna Armani
Kelsey's young, naive and most importantly.. a virgin. feeling pressured to impress her experienced new boyfriend, she seeks out two experts for advice but things take a...
Be Mine Forever ✓✓ by Rameezafar
Be Mine Forever ✓✓by Rameeee
A Shivika story . A : " You have to be mine forever Mr. Oberoi" . S : in your dreams Ms.Raichand . A : Annika Raichand can make her every dream come true...