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The Champion's Return by Catswoldqueen
The Champion's Returnby Sarah
A femme awakens, her past forgotten. Adopted by the local village, she struggles to find out who she is and from where she came. Join her on a journey to remember her pa...
Home ❀ Ironhide by beanswolo
Home ❀ Ironhideby dont call me jilly
Macey Exner is not your normal NEST member. In fact, she has no clue about the war happening with giant alien robots at all. She is a young adult currently in college to...
Rene's Spark by WolvenAva
Rene's Sparkby Ava
*CURRENTLY REVAMPING* Before the All Spark was sent into space, one last Sparkling was created from it, for bonded Autobots Jazz and Prowl. But when betrayal leads to th...
A lost spark found by honeykiwi12
A lost spark foundby ASH
Rose stone is Sam's childhood best friend. Growing up with him and his parents she thought she would always know what life had in store for her. That was until her best...
When the Sun Falls (Transformers Fic) by CodeNameFanGRL
When the Sun Falls (Transformers Code
He was arrogant, he was cruel at times, his words cut through me like glass. I was weak, disgusting, and nothing more than a meat bag in his optics. Yet why do I stay? W...
Warrior of gold - Sunstreaker fanfiction-  by tfp-fanfiction
Warrior of gold - Sunstreaker ❤️TF bayverse💛
Electra is a 17-year-old girl and on a turning point of her life. After the sudden death of her father, the girl finds something horrifying in an old town somewhere in t...
The Hackers by PatchWorkAngel
The Hackersby PatchWorkAngel
A group of hackers and long term friends who had always caused mayhem in their school life as well as life on the internet, stumble on one of the most secure secretes kn...
Hope Between The Planets by RedHatchet03
Hope Between The Planetsby RedHatchet03
Welcome to my alternative universe for you to read! So welcome! And good morning, evening and afternoon! This is my description, have fun: •What if Sam had a younger sis...
The Bugs Daughter But The Wolfs Soulmate (Twilight and Transformers crossover) by RedHatchet03
The Bugs Daughter But The Wolfs RedHatchet03
BumbleBee has a daughter, called Tia. They have never met each other as Tia was taken from both her parents when she was born by Director Galloway. Tia has been sent to...
The Power Of Silver|Transformers Bayverse by Hot_Choco-4Life
The Power Of Silver|Transformers Hot Choco
This will be a Terror Twins X Oc Fanfiction! - Silverspeed is Jazz's twin sister,and it was during a short time after the war on Cybertron had begun, when she was pushed...
Falling For Your Spark ✶  by Hollaugh
Falling For Your Spark ✶ by Hollyツ
✶Book is Complete✶ ✶This is a CrackFic✶ Paige Lauren is your normal 18 year old who is a big ass fangirl of Transformers and not afraid to show it. You could call her qu...
Lightning by FNAFToyChica
Lightningby 💛Terror Twins❤️
What happens when the Autobots find a shuttle with something is inside. SunStreaker finally finds out how to open the box and inside is a....... Cyber-kitten! Cyber-Ki...
Bullet Through My Spark by Alpha_Razor
Bullet Through My Sparkby Alpha_Razor
Daimon/Dailus, your typical six year old boy whom had been living in a void, after the death of his mother. His only happiness and light. His father was downright terrib...
I Found A Robot Hiding In My Barn!? by TransformersChick
I Found A Robot Hiding In My Barn!?by 💍💛Sunny💛💍🎤Ariella🎤💍❤Si...
After Abigail saw her mother get killed in front of her by her abusive and drug addict father who also abused alcohol, she did the one thing that she thought could keep...
Keep The SunnySide Up! ( TF Gen1 Fanfic ) by Sheik1998
Keep The SunnySide Up! ( TF Gen1 The Knights who say " Ni!"
Ari had a love for fixing up old cars, restoring them and selling them. It was one of the few ways to keep her home. When passing by a carlot, two 1984 Lamborghinis catc...
the devil in heels • transformers by Wolf_Queen_101
the devil in heels • transformersby a bisexual disaster
in which lennox's greatest enemy is mated to two autobots • " she is dangerous, independent, and strong. the sound of her heels against the marble floor shook the...
the supreme transformer • transformers by Wolf_Queen_101
the supreme transformer • a bisexual disaster
in which the beautiful brunette was the transformer that could destroy all • " it's been a long time, old friends " • [ TRANSFORMERS ] [ DARK OF THE MOON ]...
There's a Autobot in my barn by FNAFToyChica
There's a Autobot in my barnby 💛Terror Twins❤️
Shadow is a 6 year old girl with many problems. 1. Her Dad abuses her 2. Mom died in The Chicago attack And now an Autobot?! Is Shadow's life gonna change or get even...
Complex Robotics by QueenOfTheSilver98
Complex Roboticsby Cam
Charlie loves being a mechanic. It was literally in her blood. Taught by her father, she was prepared to take the most beat-up, rusty, twisted up car and turn it into pe...
found☆terror twins  by beanswolo
found☆terror twins by dont call me jilly
Ember L'enclos never thought her life would be as it is right now. She never thought that she wouldn't have a family. She never thought she'd be running for those she us...