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celebrity crush | dreamwastaken. by baby-grill
celebrity crush | rika!
"hi, i heard you had a crush on me?" - [ minecraft ; dream ] COMPLETED. 2020 ©baby-grill
The Beast (Male! Große Kurfürst! x Azur Lane) by Graf__Spee
The Beast (Male! Große Kurfürst! Silica
Y/n is from an alternate universe where ships can take the form of female AND males. When he scuttles himself, he turns up in a world where battles are done by females...
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Discord ✔ by magickshoppe
Discord ✔by Closed
"You win I'll get you in to meet Bangtan. I win you go on at least three dates with me." "What makes you think I'll want more than that?" "I alr...
hopeless | sapnap. by baby-grill
hopeless | rika!
the girl he's in love with is starting to lose herself. plot twist? he doesn't realize he's in love with her until it's too late. - [ minecraft ; sapnap ] SHORT STORY! C...
Distance  by TaechouTae
Distance by TaechouTae
Bonjour ou Bonsoir... Je m'appelle Kim Taehyung. J'ai vingt-cinq ans et je ne suis plus célibataire depuis déjà deux ans. Ah... Détrompez-vous je suis en couple avec...
snapchat | jung jaehyun. by baby-grill
snapchat | jung rika!
"i sent u my dick pls respond" - [ nct ; jung jaehyun ] DISCONTINUED. 2020 ©baby-grill
Texting Harry Styles » russian translation by Aprilmorning
Texting Harry Styles » russian 𝒓𝒊𝒂
Грэйс обнаруживает загадочный номер в одной из библиотечных книг, но догадывается ли она, что этот номер принадлежит Гарри Стайлсу? Прочитай и выясни что произойдет с...
I'm afraid of the future when I look back. |DK| by intelligentsmoke
I'm afraid of the future when I intelligentsmoke
Książka I'm afraid of the future when I look back jest krótką książką gdzie Dawid Kwiatkowski (l.23) poznaje w internecie zwykłą dziewczynę, Hope. (l.16) hopeevs: chce...
Harmony [DISCONTINUED] by magickshoppe
Harmony [DISCONTINUED]by Closed
Sequel to Discord [DISCONTINUED] ◇─◇──◇────◇────◇────◇────◇────◇─────◇──◇─◇ "Jungkook, have you seen my white sneakers?" "No babe, but check under the cof...
The One Demon Fear (Doomslayer x Seven Mortal Sins) by DraconianLover009
The One Demon Fear (Doomslayer x DraconianLover009
Doomslayer has finished. He killed the final remainders of the demons of Hell. Now, he lets the last Greg's of humanity rebuild, and he opens a portal a new world, one i...
DMs// l.h by heheihateyou
DMs// l.hby poe dameron
who knew a boy from your favorite band would respond to your twitter dm? credit to all the owners of the outlines used in my story cover. lower case intended
Lover Anonymous by uh-senpai
Lover Anonymousby captain levi's gf
One girl with a broken family. One boy with an illicit lifestyle. One chat between a rich man's daughter and a dead criminal's son. What if, you've fallen in love with a...
why ? _T.K [terminée] by chnslvr
why ? _T.K [terminée]by 𝐤𝐞𝐯𝐢𝐧'𝐬☆
-pourquoi ? -parce que. -merci beaucoup. By @jeongaaaay
Wrong Number H.S | E.V by SaWsenDayDreamer
Wrong Number H.S | E.Vby Sawsen :)
{ Slowly Editing } What if, I mess up and send a message to a wrong number, and that number belongs to a wrong person, and that person is actually THE huge Harry Styles...
VOICEMAIL ||  Noah Centineo AU (2nd Book) by JuliForbes
VOICEMAIL || Noah Centineo AU ( I'm Juls
SEQUEL TO WRONG NUMBER *** --New message from Valerie H.-- "Noah, we're all sick worried about you, just come back" "Everybody hates me, I can't come b...
S.M.S. GDCP by Miss-Serpentard
S.M.S. GDCPby ꧁ Miss-Serpentard꧁
Voici Sophie et ses amis qui s'envoient des messages « inventions de Dex »
Wrong Number 2 H.S| E.V by SaWsenDayDreamer
Wrong Number 2 H.S| E.Vby Sawsen :)
What will happen when Anastasia receives a message from an unknown number in the middle of the night? This is the second level of Wrong Number, make sure you read that o...
One new message │Scarlet Spider x Reader by SpiderAye
One new message │Scarlet Spider SpiderAye
Guess who's back to writing about Grumpiest Spider Ever! Another Scarlet Spider x Reader book. This is NOT a sequel to The Game, The Game is over, this is new story. Eve...
zostanie wydana: He's kinda hot {hemmings} by YourLittleBoo
zostanie wydana: He's kinda hot { boo.
Siedząc zatem na tej fontannie, z przepiękną Carlą Rogers, czując się jak bogini zła, zapisałam Luke'a Hemmingsa na swojej liście kontaktów, nie mając jeszcze pojęcia, ż...
Sms GDCP by WendySong10
Sms GDCPby LinhMarvel
Ça se passe à aucun moment précis donc Tam est là. Écrit avec Cathy-Sophie.