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After The Heavenly Fire Dies by krux_rane
After The Heavenly Fire Diesby black
Only read if you have completed the the mortal instruments series.... This story follows the epilogue in the city of heavenly fire. There is peace in the shadowhunter wo...
Shadowhunters Group Chats  by KissedByAShadow
Shadowhunters Group Chats by KissedByAShadow
There's seriously not enough of these on the Internet. If you can't find em, why not make em? [Requests open]
Forgotten Memories (Sizzy) by FizzySizzy
Forgotten Memories (Sizzy)by FizzySizzy
WARNING: Contains Spoilers for City Of Heavenly Fire : : It's been weeks since the great war between the Shadowhunters and Sebastian Morgenstern. ...
The Mortal Instruments: City of Past Ghosts (Book 1) by initialfindings
The Mortal Instruments: City of 참
Clary is pronounced dead by the Clave, leaving Jace heartbroken and never the same. But when Jace saves a mundane that isn't a mundane at all and bares great resemblanc...
1| Shadows [A.L.]✔️ by KxtWxllxcx
1| Shadows [A.L.]✔️by キット
Book #1 of 'Blackstorms And Where To Find Them' ____ °My shadow's the only one that walks beside me. My shallow heart's the only thing that's beating. -Green Day, Boule...
Wings by ThatGirlThatYouKnow
Wingsby ThatGirlThatYouKnow
When Clary discovers that she is pregnant and is forced to leave the love of her life, she tries to prepare herself for the challenges ahead. Her mother, furious because...
The mortal instruments one-shots by Rayofsunshine1233
The mortal instruments one-shotsby Rayofsunshine1233
TMI one shots with -Jace/Clary -Simon/Isabelle -Magnus/Alec Random one shots with sarcasm, love, and adventure from the group!!
Life As Clarissa Morgenstern  by PeebDragon2204
Life As Clarissa Morgenstern by PeebDragon2204
Not great at descriptions, so I won't do one. Hope you enjoy my story!
Malec Fanfics by Skybladess
Malec Fanficsby Sky Bladess
Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood
STALEC × WHAT IF ? by Di_Angellus
STALEC × WHAT IF ?by L J Tenorio
[Anteriormente - STALEC × HEARTBREAK] Após todos os acontecimentos com o Nogitsune, Stiles sabe que nada nunca mais será o mesmo desde que toda matilha o evita e a culpa...
My Little Angel - Jace Wayland by TheFrenchWriter75
My Little Angel - Jace Waylandby A.L
She was broken. She felt alone and didn't know what to do about it, but most importantly she was trapped. Leila King didn't live the happiest life, especially after the...
Strawberry // Magnus bane by RA2964
Strawberry // Magnus baneby RA2964
Isabella Branwell had always considered the Lightwoods to be her family rather than her own so when the Branwell's decide to move to Idris, Bella and the Lightwoods foug...
Dead Of Night (Jace Wayland  Fanfiction)  by RowanMorgenstern
Dead Of Night (Jace Wayland MEME QUEEN
"When the daylight disappears, you'll find no shelter in this tangled web of fear" I don't own Shadowhunters, I only own Ariana Lewis and her plot and of cour...
Daily Malec Fix (Wattys 2017) by MalecLovely
Daily Malec Fix (Wattys 2017)by Hannah Lovely
A new Malec chapter everyday? Wahoo! This is full of one shots and multiple part short stories. Highest Ranking: #28 in fanfiction. *the characters are Cassandra Clare'...
Instagram  by Matilda_aberg
Instagram by Mathilda
Instagram can be a place filled with nice pictures of food and families, but what happens when Clary and her friends in the Shadow World opens up their own accounts on t...
Herondale High by Jbic02
Herondale Highby Jbic02
Meet Jace everybody's favorite rich, golden boy. He's good at everything from sports to being popular and even school, mostly. But what is Jace best at? Keeping the secr...
Malec high school Au by RealLilyLunaPotter
Malec high school Auby Lily~Luna
My first story and it's a malec one. It's just a story of a high school love between two best friends. It's fluffy and I hope you like it Xx (Completed) x
New York academy  by marie77078
New York academy by marie77078
Clary and her brother Jon start going to a shadowhunter training school as they both learn how family really is and how love is not to destroy as they get closer with th...
Malec short story~ Shackles of Love by malec_ff
Malec short story~ Shackles of Loveby ~mundane~
Short story I created honoring our 3b since we couldn't get enough our Malec scene and its just killing me to write this down. Credit to the artist, I wish I know who yo...
The Warlock ~| Alec Lightwood by gatsbysdoll
The Warlock ~| Alec Lightwoodby Ali
WARNING: THIS STORY IS AU Nevayah Cade is asked to join a group of shadowhunters at the Brooklyn institute. Nevayah took the job not knowing exactly where she fits in ye...