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Little!Alec and Others Adventures by Noun_Gremlin
Little!Alec and Others Adventuresby Link
Okay let me just start off by saying this is weird and bad! I was watching my very serious baby cousin and came up with a Malec story but ageplay based as well. Warning...
Glitter 🔞 by ManVan98
Glitter 🔞by Man Van
Malec Oneshot. Smut We don't own the characters in the oneshot. Credits to the creator, Cassandra Clare.
Shadowhunter memes by _notslimjustshady_
Shadowhunter memesby someone random
Just some hilarious and sometimes cute Shadowhunter memes. They're going to be of all the different ships out there as well as generally funny ones. Most of them are goi...
An Unexpected Miracle by MalecFanfictions
An Unexpected Miracleby MalecFanfictions
The life of Alec and Magnus will never be the same after something nearly impossible happens. [I love this story,credit to "Whytofor"]
Max Lightwood-Bane (Malec AU) ✓ by Rexania
Max Lightwood-Bane (Malec AU) ✓by Rexania
Magnus and Alec are happily married, they don't think that they need anything more than each other. But one eventful day, Alec finds a little baby. An orphan. They deci...
Sick to the Core (Malec/Mortal Instruments fanfic) by fizzabel
Sick to the Core (Malec/Mortal WeAreAllCorrupt
(Takes place after CoLS) Magnus has just dumped Alec and now the shadowhunter has begun to question his place on earth. He feels unloved, depressed, upset, angry at hims...
Malec Smut by nonamreesh
Malec Smutby MalecFanfic
Alec is trying to get some work done at the institute, but a pesky warlock keeps getting in the way 😏 *Please vote for this story so more people can read it*
Shadowhunters Group Chats  by KissedByAShadow
Shadowhunters Group Chats by .
There's seriously not enough of these on the Internet. If you can't find em, why not make em? [Requests open]
TDA Meets TLH by Miss_Fairchild
TDA Meets TLHby Miss_Fairchild
When James Herondale, Matthew Fairchild, Cordelia Carstairs, Lucie Herondale and a few others, get whisked away in a portal, the last place they expect to be is Los Ange...
Smile - Malec by Akira_Vargas
Smile - Malecby Akira_Vargas
When his sister has fallen ill Alec seeks help from the high warlock of Brooklyn. He would do anything to save Isabelle so he makes a deal. But is the price the beginnin...
SHADOWHUNTERS  by aaberg_mathilda
Have you ever been wondering what the text messages between Clary and her friends looks like, and what happens when you mix Shadowhunters, Vampires and Warlocks in the s...
Two Dads, One Family by Noun_Gremlin
Two Dads, One Familyby Link
Alec and Magnus are two single dads whose sons are best friends, need I say more? ((Everyone is human and yes the title is a Tarzan reference I couldn't think of anythin...
Malec college AU by litshxke
Malec college AUby •momo•
Magnus and Alec meet, like they did in the series/books, at a party- a college party.
Adopted by Magnus Bane by Reader_for_life_46
Adopted by Magnus Baneby Zoey
Cecily Jones is fourteen years old, she has blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin, and an orphan. When she one day witnesses a mysterious man in black violently kill someone...
Shadowhunters On Chat © by elaspen
Shadowhunters On Chat ©by isa
Shadow world just having a chat conversation.
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I Do (Malec) by onewriterinamillion_
I Do (Malec)by magnus&alec
When Magnus proposes to Alec, he's thrilled. But will everyone else be so happy?
Malec one shot by alectheknight
Malec one shotby alectheknight
My boys malec and my crazy mind
Truth or Dare by Bossjr58
Truth or Dareby Bossjr58
This story is not mine. All rights to this story belongs to @malecs_hunters on IG which also includes the pictures that I'm using for this story as well and they did an...
Daily Malec Fix (Wattys 2017) by MalecLovely
Daily Malec Fix (Wattys 2017)by Hannah Lovely
A new Malec chapter everyday? Wahoo! This is full of one shots and multiple part short stories. Highest Ranking: #28 in fanfiction. *the characters are Cassandra Clare'...