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Lucifer's Angel (Shadowhunters fanfiction) by _CarleeCarter_
Lucifer's Angel (Shadowhunters fan...by Carlee 🎄❄️
A warm welcome into the Brooklyn Institute could also mean an even warmer welcome for chaos and danger. Jace falls for a beautiful blonde newcomer who is harboring a sec...
ALTHEA  by 7anficswriter
ALTHEA by 7anficswriter
The SA ; A group of shadow Hunters who does not work by the order of the Clave. They follow the rules and the order of Althea Crystal Silverstone, a Shadowhunter who's k...
Love in the darkness | A.Lightwood by miasun14
Love in the darkness | A.Lightwoodby miasun14
A long time after Clary's arrival, it seems that the things aren't going in the Lightwoods favour. Besides that they are vizited by an important person, an envoy of the...
[01] Safe | Jace Herondale by DaddarioMatthew
[01] Safe | Jace Herondaleby DaddarioMatthew
[Book One] The story of how Georgia and Jace met and their life before it was ripped away from them. Loosely following the show || COMPLETED JANUARY 2019 || RANKINGS 15...
Jace's  Arranged Marriage by MartysWife
Jace's Arranged Marriageby MartysWife
Jace is madly in love with his Clary. Their relationship have been surrounded by so many tragedies. He lost Clary while battling Lilith but founder her with her demon br...
The Warrior(Alec Lightwood) by sheen303
The Warrior(Alec Lightwood)by sheen303
Shadowhunters -season 1-season2-season3 Katherine Fairchild had run away from her home when she was eleven and had been taken in by the Lightwoods. She has trained with...
HIDDEN HERONDALE ✔️|| A.l by officialcga
"You seem okay for a mundane that just saw a demon" the blond guy says "A demon?" I say directed at him. "Well I believe in aliens so it's not...
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland (editing) by voidwolvxs
Sнadow Girl ▹ Jace Wayland (editin...by T
"The story of Annalina Grey, the girl who came before clary, the real love of jace wayland's life" [book 1]
Freya Blossom  by Jess_6823
Freya Blossom by Jess_6823
IN A REALITY WHERE JACE DOES NOT CHOOSE CLARY Freya blossom. Clary, Simon and Freya have been friends since kindergarten. Best friends forever. The troublesome trio. W...
Arranged Marriage-A.L by RavenRosier
Arranged Marriage-A.Lby RavenRosier
Elara Evenin Herondale or Ela was a legendary shadowhunter alongside Jace Wayland ofcourse. Her grandmother the inquisitor had planned her marriage with her parents righ...
The Hybrid Herondale by wanheda46
The Hybrid Herondaleby wanheda46
Fallon has a secret, she is a hybrid (werewolf x shadowhunter) and the only people who know about it is Jocelyn Fairchild, Lucian Graymark and the Clave who are hunting...
edom's princess (shadowhunters) by mingfuckingdynasty
edom's princess (shadowhunters)by mingfuckingdynasty
-» i was the princess of edom . stronger than any forces the angelic beings have ever seen . an abomination . and i will be back to avenge my mother's death , lillith...
Elizabeth || Raphael Santiago by ironbehz
Elizabeth || Raphael Santiagoby ✨Marie✨
Elizabeth Lightwood is a mystery. *shadowhunters season 1* *bad writing* started: June, 14 2019 ended: Cover by: @-huntrends
Only You | Alec Lightwood Fanfiction/Imagines/Love Story | by ImMattsTrash
Only You | Alec Lightwood Fanficti...by Minnie
Emily Trueblood lost everything when her mother was killed by Valentine, her father. Raising her brother and making complicated decisions at a young age made her develop...
Lost. (an A.L story) by izzy1d2001
Lost. (an A.L story)by Music is my distraction
"Daddy?" "Yes, baby girl?" "I miss mommy" "I miss her too." I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS, OR POSSIBLE PARTS OF THE STORYLIN...
Whitestorm || a.l [DISCONTINUED] by gabriellealiza
Whitestorm || a.l [DISCONTINUED]by jeonghannie
"Nephilims" That's what they're called, beings that protect the mundane world from demons, beings that are half-angel and half-human. They only have one task...
another mikaelson  by miii-raaa
another mikaelson by anonyme ^-^
this is the story of a special girl anastsia mikealson a member of the mikealson family and the twin sister of niklaus mikealson read this book to know her story.
choke! JASON GRACE by splitxlips
choke! JASON GRACEby luca!
ₐ gₑₘᵢₙᵢ ₐₙd ₐ cₐₙcₑᵣ, ₒₕ ₘy! ~ in which all Loveday Herondale wants to do is sleep, drink, and fuck - but Jason Grace simply won't leave her be! "wᵢₙₑ ₐₙd wₒₘₑₙ ₐₙ...
❝ I fear no monsters for no monsters I see. For all this time, the monster had been me. ❞ -𝙧. 𝙙. IN WHICH A SHADOWHUNTER DID...
After All This Time by Stormy_Mountains
After All This Timeby Stormy_Mountains
Jamie Fairchild 18 years old, shadowhunter since age 10 is better known as Elizabeth Lovelace. Leaving the world she knew behind and Elizabeth was then adopted by Jocely...