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We Are Sisyphus [Spring] ~ PREVIEW by shepherd_spoon
We Are Sisyphus [Spring] ~ PREVIEWby John Paul Thomas
The juniors of Sparrows Thrice High aren't used to being role models. Sam's a stoner. James cuts class. Liana failed her college assessments. Audrey isn't even a student...
Love as a Choice by platonischeliefde
Love as a Choiceby platonischeliefde
Dear friend, why have I chosen to love someone that does not love me back? To my friend S.
The Boulder by ChristianHidesKeys
The Boulderby Christian Hides
Sisyphus completes his punishment.
An Imperial Affliction by JellyJello76
An Imperial Afflictionby JellyJello76
I, Anna, was just a normal 12 year old girl, well aside from the fact I have cancer. I guess I can't say I'm normal, my mother is a one-eye crazy tulip lady in love with...
Helena by PrathameshPalan
Helenaby Prathamesh Palan
This book is about a nobody. An ordinary person drifting through life, living like Sisyphus, doing the same thing over and over for decades until everything changes one...
Doomed For Damnation by ceceblue23
Doomed For Damnationby Ciela Santana
a story about a man that his punishment is to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity.
My Emotions by ditilia
My Emotionsby Diti
My pure emotions just written down and for everyone to see. Its sometimes sad. Sometimes just love. Sometimes just me
Sisyphus' Paradox by DennisShehadeh
Sisyphus' Paradoxby Dennis Shehadeh
Alekos moved swiftly through the southern lair beneath Olympus that lead to the Acheron, the river of woe. He followed the linear path that would lead to the diamond gat...
Dan by ergoeterna
Danby ergoeterna
Dan goes through each day on whimsical adventures hoping that one day he'll find the best one of all!
Stranger Tales  by St_niven
Stranger Tales by ❒1975🏹
I've spent my old days making up pretty stories. I was a sailor navigating the oceans of sorrow of a heartbreak; stranger tales tells the reader about sorrows turned int...
An Imperial Affliction by Gus_waters17
An Imperial Afflictionby Augustus Waters :)
Anna van Houten, a sixteen year old girl who has been in remission for two years survived a life-threatening rare blood cancer. Her life is anything but normal, between...
The Tragedy of Aeschylus. by JonBrowne
The Tragedy of Jon Browne
Aeschylus discovers tragedy and the absurd.
Sisyphus: The Untold Story (MiChaeng) by RuiruiTakena
Sisyphus: The Untold Story ( Ruirui Takena
This fanfiction is inspired by the korean drama, Sisyphus: The Myth
Cure by ShaheerKashif
Cureby ShaheerKashif
A tragic tale of 2 boys who have to find a cure for their 'disease': poverty. Will they succeed? What is the price for the cure, and is there even a cure?
A Sisyphean story by AliRashed188
A Sisyphean storyby Ali Rashed
I don't know how to classify this story for you. It could be horror, mystery, fantasy, or a combination of this and that. You may like it, or annoy you.. but there is no...