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Every String Attached | GirlxGirl by danielleizzard
Every String Attached | GirlxGirlby d.i.
Shawn Reyes is a typical, closed off, impatient, cocky, stubborn, introverted woman. Okay, so maybe she isn't a typical girl. But neither is York Grey. Shawn has never...
Fandom Headcanons by HarryPotterFreak7
Fandom Headcanonsby Call me by whatever floobs yo...
Headcanons of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Artemis Fowl, The Hunger Games, Doctor Who, Divergent, Sherlock and books written by John Green. I don't ow...
101 Quotes  by eternalsilence371012
101 Quotes by ✅offline
Just a bunch of random quotes from famous people, books, movies etc. that I got from Google.
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The Fault In Our Stars Sequel by stilinskihudson
The Fault In Our Stars Sequelby stilinskihudson
Twenty days since Augustus Waters, the lanky, blue eyed boy with the crooked smile and a fear of oblivion limped across this earth. Twenty days since I've been called Ha...
The Fault in Our Stars Quotes by FloweronaRayneDay
The Fault in Our Stars Quotesby FloweronaRayneDay
Thanks you John Green for such an amazing book! Please vote/comment!!!!
The Fault in Our Stars: How It Should Have Ended by karalovesr5
The Fault in Our Stars: How It A Big Ol' Nerd
The fan-made ending of The Fault In Our Stars. Here to fix your heart, and maybe break it again. After Augustus beats cancer, how will Hazel and Augustus continue on wi...
The Fault In Our Stars ⭐ by RuthLovemeh
The Fault In Our Stars ⭐by シ ♕ Ruth ♡ ツ
I wish this book had last forever. ❤
Every Little Thing by rowlings
Every Little Thingby s.l.
Evelyn Moore has been struggling with unrequited love for nearly two years. Reed Bishop has no idea. When the once-unreachable boy becomes her French partner and an even...
John Green Quotes by Vasowrites
John Green Quotesby Daydreamer
An amazing author he is and a wonderful person. I would give anything to meet him. He is a true inspiration and I wish him the best of the best. Even though he has writt...
The Best Quotes by TheresaGrayHerondale
The Best Quotesby Tessa
Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. -JK. Rowling. Quotes from your favourite authors: John Green, Cassandra Clare, JK. Rowling, Kiera Cass, William Shakespe...
Multifandom Crossover by maladaptive-Dreamer
Multifandom Crossoverby d r e a m e r
The characters of Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Mortal Instruments, The Fault in our Stars, The Maze Runner, and more come together. When...
Paper Towns by Flooo07
Paper Townsby Flooo07
I created a book of the quotes I loved most, highlighted and appreciated most rereading. All rights to John Green for the quotes. I own nothing but the thoughts. Feel fr...
The Fault In Our Stars Fanfiction: My Second Little Infinity by feelcantbecontrolled
The Fault In Our Stars Carrie
Augustus is gone. But Hazel Grace Lancaster isn't done yet. She still has to live her life. Even though her true love is gone, she's still here. She still has Isaac, her...
Book Quotes by JustADaydreamAway3
Book Quotesby TheGirlWhoLived
This is a book made up of quotes from my favourite books.
When Fangirls and Fanboys United by bloodthirstyrebel
When Fangirls and Fanboys Unitedby bloodthirstyrebel
Fun Fact : this book cannot be seen by Mortals, Muggles, and Mundanes Just a bits of Fandoms Randomness Our motto : Fandoms before blood, always(in case you're in TFIO...
Paper Towns  by Lexieeemd
Paper Towns by Lexiee
Versione inglese di "Città di carta"
The Fault in Our Stars: Second Chances by jurkmo
The Fault in Our Stars: Second jurkmo
Book 2 of TFiOS (original written by the one-and-only John Green) ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• ••• I give full credit to John Green for the initial idea of th...
Looking for Alaska by Flooo07
Looking for Alaskaby Flooo07
just some quotes I can't seem to erase off my mind. I loved Looking for Alaska and I hope you love the quotes as much as I do. Kinda a sequel to my Paper Towns quote bo...
Paper Towns Quotes by landsofbad
Paper Towns Quotesby mars v
In which an anti-social teenager lists twenty-nine of her favourite quotes from an author that never fails to make her cry. \\ I own none of these quotes. All quotes bel...
The Fault in Our Stars: Epilouge by divergent2518
The Fault in Our Stars: Epilougeby divergent2518
A short story on what happens to Hazel one year after Gus' death