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One Shot Stories by junellogist
One Shot Storiesby Ianlicu
This book contains short stories that I wrote to share thoughts, express emotions, and materialize the ideas inside my mind. If you are fond of reading one-shots, you ca...
Creative Writing Pieces by AliciaPapas
Creative Writing Piecesby TheOneThatGotAway
A little bit of everything. Horror & short stories Warning: violence and course language. Credit to Jeniffer Tran for the drawing used in the cover!!
The Letter by stelabloom
The Letterby Baban
A simple letter which becomes a key for everlasting happiness, peace and freedom for Manya.... A Short Story full of struggles, pain and heartache which shows the courag...
We Just Keep Buying Stars Like Second Chances by buythestars-
We Just Keep Buying Stars Like Ashley
In which a girl feels as if love is ruined for her until she meets him. ✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕✕ [f u l l s u m m a r y i n s i d e] [c o p y r i g h t ©2016 buythestars-]...
Puzzle Pieces [#Wattys2016] by clouhdiest
Puzzle Pieces [#Wattys2016]by e r i
"I can't do this anymore," he whispered. "I have to go." When Max leaves Claire unexpectedly, she is shocked. They had grown up together, and grown t...
Dear Estella by bundledchaos
Dear Estellaby bundledchaos
Because sometimes, you can't tell her by your tongue, so you tell her by your hand.
Stories by the Fireplace (#HorrorThriller/MysteryThriller)  by anmoltiwarii
Stories by the Fireplace ( Anmol T.
#354 in short stories as of May 18th, 2016 (could've ranked higher, I just don't check regularly) Some people are great storytellers. In this book, Pearl tells a story a...
One Shots & Contest Entries by most_bay
One Shots & Contest Entriesby most_bay
Just my attempts at being an active Wattpad citizen :D *My contest entries*
The Girl That Learned to Fly  by StarCrossedBooklover
The Girl That Learned to Fly by peasant
Sometimes no one can save you... Madeleine Kingston is dead. They tried to save her but it was to late. Grace Jacobs isn't dead, but she might as well be. Madeleine was...
Raising My Baby Sister by finickywriter451
Raising My Baby Sisterby C <3
Willow's mother is in and out of it after Willow's father dies. And Willow takes all the responsibilities her mother fails to fulfill in raising 8 month old Aster.
Tellurian by gappi1902
Tellurianby Perry the Platypus
Tellurian: 1.adj., Of or pertaining to the earth. 2. Describing minerals containing tellurium. Two friends who are oblivious to the society's norms and conditions, each...
Smile For Me. [BoyxBoy] by FionaJohn
Smile For Me. [BoyxBoy]by Fiona™
Have you seen him? The boy with the best smile? I swear, he lightens up my world. Mark Lighthood, President of the not so known Drama club, star athlete and a secret a...
Power Rangers go to Uranus by wimpykiddiary1
Power Rangers go to Uranusby wimpykiddiary1
The Power Rangers are on another awesome morphtacular adventure in space, this time going to Uranus to defeat the evil bad peoples.
Final Countdown by _pixelbunny_
Final Countdownby Shxzo
Its funny how 10 insignificant words Can sometimes contain so much emotion
Frozen In Time (short story) by thegirlwithfijiwater
Frozen In Time (short story)by thegirlwithfijiwater
Short story Sarah is a 16 year old girl that is head over heals in love with her high school boyfriend James, who is 17. And she feels that James loves her too... That...
Swan & Shadow by anusham00
Swan & Shadowby anusham00
Eenie Miney Miney Mo ; WHO is the killer I know. The story follows the main characters three childhood friends Justin, Niall , Shawn and his younger sister as they...