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Sanscest lemon by LemonSweet6
Sanscest lemonby Night🌙
Welp... just like it said... The cover picture belongs to hekiyoo (Create: 05/15/20) (Ended:??/??/??) --well depends on meh~
All For Love ~ Seek x Figure by Emmalyn777
All For Love ~ Seek x Figureby Toaster_
no longer updating. ~ NO SMUT - COVER IS MINE ~ - An inky entity has been chasing humans his whole life as a monster. It's like he forgot his past life already. But one...
A New Us by allfanfics101
A New Usby allfanfics101
*DISCLAIMER* This is a Chenry fanfic. Henry Hart is not a normal kid. He doesn't come back from school to do homework. Henry helps to protect his town of Swellview...
Kakashi x Obito  by Spikyninja777
Kakashi x Obito by Spikyninja777
Obito and Kakashi realize there love for each other. Years later they fall for each other again. It has "swears" every once in a while, all characters I do not...
A Love Untold (Branch and Poppy) by lil_queef
A Love Untold (Branch and Poppy)by Mi.Baby🌸
Hey Guys and Girls! Lil_Queef here! This story is about Branch and Poppy's relationship because, hello?, obviously they were meant for each other. So I made this story...
Ticci Toby x clock work by grace-Leeeeee
Ticci Toby x clock workby grace-Leeeeee
I love to ship horror characters. One of my favourite ships is ticci Toby x clock work! So here is my first story for you all!
Star Crossed (Kellin Quinn Fanfic) by Heather1512
Star Crossed (Kellin Quinn Fanfic)by Heather
This was made for my friend Aaliyah. So um, yeah... Im shit at writing descriptions so just read it man XD ~ BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING MOTHER FUCKING TRIGGER WARNING OK ~ ...
FIRST LOVE 💕 by bono_bonoya12
FIRST LOVE 💕by bonobonoya
It's my first English is not good as others but I'll do my best.. please support me show me some love Thnx💜i purple u guys 💜 If you read please give me vote...
Making Him Mine by KuulWhiip
Making Him Mineby KuulWhiip
17 year old Jamie Larson is a average girl. She was never interested in boys. Although it takes a turn when a boy stands out and catches her eye.
My New Light by kacchanBakuboom
My New Lightby lord explosion murder💥💥
this was originally going to be a bakudeku but I made it a tododeku because why not.
Colors (Vanoss X H20delirious) by Crimsonfairys
Colors (Vanoss X H20delirious)by Alexandria
Vanoss x H20. Evan took a wrong turn in life and was miserable for a while, Until a boy with a blue hoodie came into his life.
FrIenDsssss by eeeeeeeeeeooooo
FrIenDsssssby eeeeeeeeeeooooo
Caniel- I miss you love (Daniel Parker Hiddleston x Calvin Smurf by BtsIca_98
Caniel- I miss you love (Daniel Jessica Fernandez
Daniel mourns for his longtime boyfriend Calvin Smurf
#Zariel •Zach and Ariel• {ON HOLD} by ClaytonsBae
#Zariel •Zach and Ariel• {ON HOLD}by ClaytonsBae
My heart stopped as he walked up to me. Zariel is now confirmed...
English please? An OHSHC fanfiction by Pokemimi
English please? An OHSHC fanfictionby Oblivious Mimi
Vrake, the only name given to her. A male name, from a language she never knew. She grew up with parents, she never knew if they actually wanted her. They wanted a boy t...
painkillers || 2doc by gorillazlord
painkillers || 2docby ♥murdoc is dad♥
Okay so like, I was reading a few 2doc books and was inspired to make my own book! Soo...yay?
A Life Of Pretending by EndearingMoment
A Life Of Pretendingby Sarah Simpson
This is a Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil shipped fanfic. Dan can't sleep one night after editing a video and Phil comes to visit his bedroom.
shipped away from home(tolu) by Ellarh__
shipped away from home(tolu)by Emmanuella
Am sighing to the fact that the world which now revolves around me is an irony to my past world. He made my worthless life worth living. Without him I'd be just a typica...
Teenage romance by GracieWare1
Teenage romanceby Gracie Ware
Stay tuned for thia crazy love story 💛💙💜💚❤