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The Devil's Chord by JDSchmidtWriter
The Devil's Chordby JD Schmidt
A mysterious death. A life in the balance. When do the ends justify the means? John Watson wants nothing more than to head home to 221B and have a hot cuppa, but Sherl...
The Trouble With Sentiment by JDSchmidtWriter
The Trouble With Sentimentby JD Schmidt
All gifts have a price. All minds are flawed. The frailty of genius is a burden indeed. The Sequel to The Devil's Chord. Sherlock/OC Book Two of the Hooked on a Feeling...
Sherlock Preferences by julzrulz4ever
Sherlock Preferencesby ✗𝙹𝚞𝚕𝚒𝚊 ✗
I OWN NOTHING! ALL CREDIT GOES TO BBC. People: 💜Sherlock 💜Mycroft 💜Moriarty 💜John 💜Greg
How To Flirt Like A Sherlockian by FantasiesAReality
How To Flirt Like A Sherlockianby FantasiesAReality
If you have any flirts you think of, tell me and I'll add them! I thought of this whole thinking about Sherlock...and then yeah, flirts happened. I made some of these up...
A Sign Of Two by DragonWatt
A Sign Of Twoby DRAGON
[Sherlock X Female OC] Eliza Moore has just moved to London, seeking thrill and adventure in the capital city. But when she gets involved in a recent string of murders...
My Mystery: Sherlock FanFic by Olipop10
My Mystery: Sherlock FanFicby Fulcrum
Olivia Martin has always known Sherlock Holmes. She always agrees to his experiments, for better or for worse. After one incident, they were separated for years, but now...
Born Mad by StarTrekFanatic
Born Madby Alyssa
Sherlock Holmes was always considered to be one of the brightest minds on all the earth, second to his brother, of course. That all changes, however, when an asylum-esca...
Sherlock Holmes, meet Doctor Strange! by Dat_Sherlock_Boi
Sherlock Holmes, meet Doctor Dat Sherlock Boi
(Btw the cover art is not mine.) So this is my very first fanfic. I hope you guys don't think it sucks... And I hope you guys like it. Also, the title is pretty self-ex...
A Brother Reunion by theholmessister
A Brother Reunionby Miss Write-A-Lot
About the Holmes brothers. Post Reichenbach. my theory how it was fpr Sherlock after the fall. Why he didn't show John that he's alive. Planning to destroy Moriarty's ne...
365 Days of MyStrade by BrooklynTayla
365 Days of MyStradeby ConsultingFangirl
A collection of one shots all featuring everyone's favourite DI and Mycroft Holmes! They're slightly connected to one another :) Thanks for reading!
Sherlock & Strange by Dat_Sherlock_Boi
Sherlock & Strangeby Dat Sherlock Boi
A supernatural client visits 221b and John is at odds as to how to deal with their case. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange has a mysterious intruder at the Sanctum. (This is a...
The Other Side - BBC Sherlock Fanfiction by Charlie_Scott
The Other Side - BBC Sherlock Charlie
Angel Dirks, the ultimate double agent. She runs Operation Roulette, the scheme to bring about the fall of Jim Moriarty. She works in partnership with Mycroft Holmes, di...
Sherlock Holmes, The Man I Love. (A JohnLock FanFic) by iamdakota96
Sherlock Holmes, The Man I Love. ( FandomPassion
John has feelings for Sherlock, but he doesn't know to tell him or if he feels the same way. Will Sherlock reject him? Or will he claim him as his? This is my first john...
ALL ABOUT: ANDREW SCOTT (translation) by andrewawesome
(this is a english translation of todo sobre andrew scott to all the english fans of Sherlock) Well, here's my first "story". I have to say that it is not...
What if John jumped by mariamyac_2006
What if John jumpedby Mariam Yacoob
This is basically a similar story to TRF except, what if John was the one to fall. What would happen to Sherlock then? Moriarty finds the perfect way to "burn the h...
A Study in Resistance- A Johnlock Fanfic by Obvious_Sherlockian
A Study in Resistance- A Jess
Sherlock and John are best friends, and awkward accident at 221B shouldn't change that. Should it? dun dun dun... my awful description... *Read me read me!* shhh, shhh...
Sherlock One Shots by hiddlesbatchers
Sherlock One Shotsby Mae
Just a few random Sherlock one shot ideas that came into my head. Suggestions are welcome :)
Johnlock oneshot's by Thefake_Hailey
Johnlock oneshot'sby Sherlocked_Killjoy
fluffy johnlock just because i am a nerd
The Mysterious Case of Ava Lawrence vs Sherlock Holmes by ghost_writer01234
The Mysterious Case of Ava ghost_writer01234
Imagine if you were whisked away from your world and magically landed inside your favourite TV series. What would you do? How would you react? Well now you get to follow...