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The Ethereal Mackintosh Enigma by ecamiestories
The Ethereal Mackintosh Enigmaby camie e.
A Paranormal/Supernatural Mystery/Thriller with a dash of SciFi-Fantasy. [Inspired by #vss365 word prompts on Twitter/X and Bluesky Social. DISCLAIMER: No AI whatsoever...
The Emperor's Edge 2: Dark Currents by LindsayBuroker
The Emperor's Edge 2: Dark Currentsby Lindsay Buroker
It's been three months since former enforcer Amaranthe Lokdon and the notorious assassin Sicarius thwarted kidnappers and saved the emperor's life. The problem? Nobody k...
THE RELIC GUILD (and other stories) Updated regularly.  by Edward_Cox
THE RELIC GUILD (and other stories...by Edward Cox
Magic caused the war. Magic is forbidden. Magic will save us. The Relic Guild is the award nominated first book in The Relic Guild trilogy. It was said the Labyrinth had...
The Debt Collectors War by TessMackenzie
The Debt Collectors Warby Tess
Ellie is a soldier in a world without governments. A generation ago, a series of financial crises caused most of the world’s governments to collapse, and left many of th...
Colony Wars - Short Stories from across the Galaxy by 0____T____0
Colony Wars - Short Stories from a...by -T-
Imagine that the universe is not just a mass of swirling gases, blazing stars and giant spheres of rock. Instead, look at each Galaxy as a massive living entity, with i...
Mysterious Minstrel by justinmingyi
Mysterious Minstrelby justin
Josiah Li lives in a flooded world, where global warming has taken its toll and technology is intertwined in every aspect of daily life. To pass the time in between virt...
The Cold Light Fades - Book 1 of the Crystal Chronicles by 0____T____0
The Cold Light Fades - Book 1 of t...by -T-
On the planet Clanesta, humans have learnt to live in peace with a unique race of crystalline creatures. The peace is maintained by a fantastical gem known as the Etheri...
Rise of the Erifs (The Fire Song Chronicles Book 1) by AtlantaBushnellBooks
Rise of the Erifs (The Fire Song C...by AtlantaBushnellBooks
"What is that?!" "An Erif. A killing machine. If they catch us, they'll kill us. That's all you need to know." The Erifs are ruthless, powerful an...
HEMLOCK (a short story prelude to The Relic Guild) by Edward_Cox
HEMLOCK (a short story prelude to...by Edward Cox
Who is Charlie Hemlock working for?
THE WATCHER OF DEAD TIME (Book 3 of The Relic Guild) by Edward_Cox
THE WATCHER OF DEAD TIME (Book 3 o...by Edward Cox
Labrys Town, home to a million humans cut off from the rest of the universe, has been invaded. Those who protected it have been deposed. The Relic Guild are scattered ac...
Lady of the Lake by Dakota_August
Lady of the Lakeby Dakota August
High School senior Nim and her three friends stumble upon a magical lake. Spurred on by daredevil Lancel, the friends dive in and emerge in a strange land full of knight...
Son of the Dragon by A.Gustafson by quillandread
Son of the Dragon by A.Gustafsonby Quill & Read
Son of the Dragon is a short story from Volume 1 of Tales From Netherün - the free online fantasy e-zine. Tales From Netherün is available at www.quillandread.com/subscr...
Short Stories by Ombremonde
Short Storiesby 700 mots par jour
English translation of my short stories in French. Science-Fiction and Fantasy.
Archer of Time by BeauVanDalen
Archer of Timeby Beau Van Dalen
6500 years ago in a mysterious village where the spiritual connection to the Gods of Time is said to be stronger, a young woman named Anamaria develops a curse that caus...
World Stranger America by DYEtHBrannigan
World Stranger Americaby Judith Brannigan
A magician and his three young charges find a strange man in the mountains above a remote town. The man is from another world, but for a magician that can mean many thin...
The Space Between The Stars by DewiHargreaves
The Space Between The Starsby DewiHargreaves
A man decides nothing can stop him crossing the space between the stars.
The Very Matterless Tale of Bangor-Canker by YoannRe
The Very Matterless Tale of Bangor...by Yoann Re
TinkleWhiz, a robot from planet Sbarchink, acquires a magical power: he can turn invisible and roll through matter at will. He slowly discovers the joys of his new power...
Starters by jasxn_txdd
Startersby jasxn_txdd
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Mirrors by AdrianneFitzpatrick
Mirrorsby Adrianne Fitzpatrick
University Professor Sarah has a visit from old friend Martin after her book on the theory of wormholes hits the MST bestsellers list. His news surprises her and takes h...
Short Stories and Tall Tales by Rowan_Grey
Short Stories and Tall Talesby Rowan Grey
This is an anthology of fantasy-themed short stories and flash fiction. The stories will cover topics from magic, wizarding feuds, the afterlife, magical creatures, and...