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Hard To Forget.™ by MBCrazy1
Hard To Forget.™by Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen.
The last we heard of Destiny, she was left crying behind her school building and pregnant, while Trey was going to Julliard, a performing arts school in New York, to pur...
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night with Mami in lockdown by 958406
night with Mami in lockdownby Navel writer
this is the continuation of my previous part of stucked with Mami in lockdown, so please read that before reading this.
Little Miss Wild {Waterloo road} by Carolineeexx
Little Miss Wild {Waterloo road}by Caroline
Megan Byrne is the daughter of Micheal Byrne. She starts Waterloo road when Michael gets the job as head, Megan also has a twin sister grace. Megan and grace cause a lot...
Can Not Decide by Nicole-Tesla
Can Not Decideby Nicole-Tesla
She just wanted to go to university like a normal girl but her university put her in a house with charming twins. She is bad at deciding, so what will happen to her? ~Ba...
Seducing Mr. Cold Guy(ongoing) by its_maebtch
Seducing Mr. Cold Guy(ongoing)by Angel Mae Mamado
Si sabby ay isang spoiled brat pero may kinakatakotan din siya ayaw niyang mawalan nang Mahal sa buhay at mas labis na ayaw niya na mawala ang kanyang pinakamamahal na n...
FROLIC LIES||Seongjoong by Fluffed7
FROLIC LIES||Seongjoongby Fluffed7
"When did you stop loving me?" "I have never loved you to begin with." - Hongjoong finds himself in an abysmal state. The dilemma was all over him...
Amaranthine Academy by MetanoiaEsha
Amaranthine Academyby Aena
Red. Blue. Violet. Green. Yellow. Gold. Blood is everywhere. Vampires are everywhere as they run into their victims. They'll suck, lick, and bite their targets as if the...
The Trickster's Gambit | Avengers Fan Fiction by marcellaiswriting
The Trickster's Gambit | Marcella 😈
Winner of Wattpad @FanFic's FanFicFriday One-Shot competition! ❧ A year after the Battle of New York, Natasha Romanoff finds herself on a solo mission in Russia, traveli...
Violet Angel by AyyoAngelxx
Violet Angelby Angel
"Those scratch marks didn't get on your back by themselves, and after the last girl you did hook up with, you vowed to wait for your mate which was two years ago. A...
Inlove with a Maid by PrixieRoxanBooc
Inlove with a Maidby Prixie Roxan Booc
This is a story of a 25 year old girl that is not yet out of her gender to her family and can't Resist herself that she is inlove with their maid that is so hot , sexy...
She's Mine Only. | GuitarHeroStyles x Reader by sodamnevil
She's Mine Only. | aphatheticgirl
Its a sequel to my Guitarherostyles x reader Story called, I'm Not Alone. You decided to live (techinally you did) with Guitar to start your own life with him. Along th...
My Personal Soulmate by EimeeMarzan12
My Personal Soulmateby EimeeMarzan12
His cold lifeless eyes stare at me, his cold breath sends shivers down my body, Yet i'm oddly attracted to him, he leans and kisses me in the lips, "I'll fight for...
BFs: Bestfriend or Boyfriend? by jessickah95
BFs: Bestfriend or Boyfriend?by jessickah95
cause a guy and a girl can be just friends. But at one point or another, they will fall for eachother. Maybe temporarily, maybe at the wrong time. Maybe too late, or may...
Its Just A Flirtationship ;) by Notoriousxxx
Its Just A Flirtationship ;)by Notoriousxxx
Aria Hastings - 2 words. Exotic Beauty. Tristian Montgomery - Cocky, Heart throbbingly HOT. There's a deadly attraction between them, But can Aria really trust him to le...
ABUSED LOVE  by pizza_girl_me
ABUSED LOVE by pizza_girl
Abused Love, A tragic story of a girl who lost all the expectations with her life and is willing to die by the hands of a bully and a contract killer who murdered peopl...
Seducing Her Boyfriend- A Justin Bieber Love Story- by kissandkill
Seducing Her Boyfriend- A Justin Mekal †
Seventeen year old Jesse Zylka has a thing for her sister's college smoking hott boyfriend. Would she go through with her untamed feelings or keep everything in tact? We...
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬 (+𝟏𝟖) by lovesredwriting
𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 𝐆𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐬 (+𝟏𝟖)by 𝚊𝚜𝚑𝚕𝚎𝚢 🖤
Love is a game for fools to play Alexandria and Bradley have been in love for as long as they can remember. Growing up in the same town, attending the same schools, and...
The Badgirl's Revenge by Heartneverfail
The Badgirl's Revengeby Weynagweys
(book 2 - The four fuckboys meets the badgirl ) by: Herrerareina Masakit yung nangyare saakin at hinding hindi ko siya mapapatawad sa nagawa niya... Gagawin ko ang lahat...
Seducing Mr. Heartstone  by Glimmer_Star
Seducing Mr. Heartstone by Julia Catrin
Sometimes, people choose pride over what's really essential. That's just a foolish decision pretending to be something wise. So, yeah. Right now, you would feel good be...
Seducing Jewel Nafuran by marifeclaregauiran
Seducing Jewel Nafuranby marifeclaregauiran
wish po ng bespren ko kaya paki basa sya po yung bida dito