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Our Shared Pain  by -PipandGeorgie-
Our Shared Pain by +♡+
The tale of one of America's most important founding fathers Best ranking- #1 JeffMads- 2020
post it (SEQUEL TO BITE) by uncrownedbillie
post it (SEQUEL TO BITE)by chrissy
a series of post it notes left in the room of billie in the beaumont asylum. read along with rowan as her love for a girl she'd only ever met in a medicated state, grows...
Old Pictures - Ron & Hermione by Romione_percabeth
Old Pictures - Ron & Hermioneby Hanna Fangirl
Hermione and Ron started dating 4 months after the Battle of Hogwarts. They broke up 3 weeks into their relationship. They blame the breakup on each other, neither of th...
The Lost Son by -PipandGeorgie-
The Lost Sonby +♡+
Imagine this, Eliza Hamilton, a well-respected woman whose husband was politically successful, destroys her families lives by having an affair with James Reynolds. When...
I Don't Heckin Know Anymore- by Heart16Box
I Don't Heckin Know Anymore-by THE Slimy Box
This is a thing where I can put all the random crap instead of on my other stories, as to not annoy the people who only went there for a book. Here have random. 👌🏼
Pain by theladygrey
Painby Kaelyn Grey
A letter Chen wrote to a man he never intends to see again. This story is inspired by Evanescence's "Hello". Oneshot.
Story thing  by ShipperOfAll7219
Story thing by LazyBambi
My friend told me to make a story
Clay X Sans [An Undertale IRL Fandom AU NSFW Thing] by ashobeanito
Clay X Sans [An Undertale IRL Ashlen Resides In Hell w/ Cla...
Screw you, screw me This is a fanfic of Sans The Skelton from Undertale and Clay, a friend of Ashton, my split personality/twin. Clay is @CrappyAnimatronic so go follow...
FUCK YOU! by tastetherainbowfool
FUCK YOU!by Julie (The Skittle Goddess)
Rants! Hatable Things! Bullshit!
Screw You by heyynichelle
Screw Youby nichelle
"Screw you. Screw your idea of love. If you didn't imagine, at least once, a whole future of us together, then you were never really in love with me. Love isn't lov...
Screw you. by GeeXBee
Screw GeeXBee
When Anastasia and Elijah first met nothing could prepare the two of them for the metaphorical sh*t about to hit the fan. However In 21st century London, this stuff se...
Sayings, quotes and shtuff like that.  by KittyMoriarty
Sayings, quotes and shtuff like ꨄ❦
One word can have a thousand meanings. Have a bunch of them.
What if the wall becomes? by CarlGrimes4ever01
What if the wall becomes?by Olsonlil08
Imagine the wall was built. Which in 2019 is most peoples fear. Some people want it. But what if years from now it's a danger?
Dreams vs Love by LiFEnME
Dreams vs Loveby LiFEnME
Well, just a ordinary story of my secondary school life. Probably just my diary? ⚠️May involve use of Singlish⚠️
I hate my crush!(Vent thing. Probs only one or two chapters) by user51254427
I hate my crush!(Vent thing. Kenzy Temmie
Yeah.. title says it all (0~0) OOF Srry children
Mommy's Little Angel by less_than_a_person
Mommy's Little Angelby Ronnie
I wrote this because my mother and I have a very big fight and she asked me "Where did I go wrong with you?" So I wrote this to kinda tell her what happened wi...