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Another Sarutobi [HIATUS] by Lyana_Lyn
Another Sarutobi [HIATUS]by Yami Uchiha
Reiko Sarutobi, a well known Kunoichi across the five nation. She was Asuma's Sarutobi twin sister and absolutely hated children. To her, these kids were nothing but a...
Konoha's Kitten [Editing] by AngelaNoche
Konoha's Kitten [Editing]by AngelaNoche
As far as I know I'm the only one of my kind, the only hybrid between a human and a cat. All my life I spent it inside the Hokage's office hiding from the other citizens...
Illicit (Itachi Uchiha Love Story) *EDITING* by MintSpice_
Illicit (Itachi Uchiha Love Story) Mint
"He stares at me nonchalantly while leaning against my wall. He slowly walks towards me. What was he going to do? He looks down at me and slowly moves his hand down...
Uchiha Hana by EmmyLee_
Uchiha Hanaby random orange
Hana Uchiha, born of Izuna and Sana Uchiha was left orphaned the day after she was born. Raised by her uncle, Madara, she is determined to prove herself and become Hoka...
Unexpected Discoveries  by NahKakashi
Unexpected Discoveries by ηαηα∂αιмε нσкαgε
Due to the beatings of the villagers Naruto meets the kyuubi at the age of 4.Naruto decides to wear a mask in which he is the dead last, prankster and the kyuubi jinchuu...
Naruto: The Silent Anbu  by Kuramastan
Naruto: The Silent Anbu by Kuramastan
If you're staying in Konoha, you can see a boy with golden hairs and ocean eyes, jumping from side to side with a smile brighter than the sun Don't be foolish (little br...
Sleeping Among Secrets (a naruto fanfic) by MiecoDeecy
Sleeping Among Secrets (a naruto Mieco Deecy
Naruto; the hyperactive, determined deadlast is how peple know him, little do they know that they are only watching the person that he's showing them. But if you think t...
Reborn in Naruto? by orangecr3am
Reborn in Naruto?by Obitou
Meet Aoji, she has a 12 tailed panther sealed inside of her, apparently. Said 12 tailed panther has decided that she wants to go back to her home dimension, whatever tha...
Adventurous Reunion (Naruto Fanfiction) by NightOfHappyLight
Adventurous Reunion (Naruto SN
A second before they died, the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Hokage were being brought to another dimension with time-and-space jutsu. As well as The Fifth until Seve...
Ikémen Sengoku Pregnancy and Delivery Series by Kthomas325
Ikémen Sengoku Pregnancy and Kat Thomas
A quick look into how the warlords would react to finding out about pregnancy and how they would handle delivery.
The Ice Cold Kitten [Naruto Fan-fic] by UnkwnWrtr
The Ice Cold Kitten [Naruto Unknown Writer
[WARNING! BAD SPELLING AND GRAMMAR AHEAD] This is the story of kakashi's daughter, Hiroyuki Hatake, ex-Anbu Captain, who lost her mother and brother at age 6 during the...
Ikémen Sengoku short stories by Kthomas325
Ikémen Sengoku short storiesby Kat Thomas
All stories based of characters from the game Ikémen Sengoku:romance across time This is a collection of shorts, head canons, and series all based off the game . Part tw...
Él es.. MIO!! (Orochimaru y Jiraiya)  by Mei_Altini_198
Él es.. MIO!! (Orochimaru y Turrón •///•
Jiraiya está enamorado de Orochimaru, Tsunade siempre que puede se le insinuaba. Orochimaru solo quiere preocuparse de sus experimentos, pero Jiraiya vendrá y le arruina...
Mokuton no Naruto by PreatzalGamer99
Mokuton no Narutoby Preatzal Gamer
Naruto has the fabled Mokuton (Wood Release), same as the first Hokage, Hashiram Senju, and the ANBU Captain Yamato. What will happen to Naruto? Will he be strong? Or wi...
Naru: The Rise Of The Last Namikaze (Hiatus) by MadHattersCat
Naru: The Rise Of The Last MadHattersCat
Naru Uzamaki runs away at the age of 3. She comes back 8 years later for the chuunin exams or that's what every body thinks. Find out by reading this story.
The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic) by slasheRR
The Memory Keeper (Naruto Fanfic)by no thanks
The bandages that covered his face in life have fallen away, all incinerated and hanging loosely around his neck. His face is completely destroyed. Unrecognizable. The s...
The Untainted (Naruto fanfic) by Books-lolol
The Untainted (Naruto fanfic)by Books-lolol
What if Naruto made a certain decision during his childhood that would change the course of his future? What is that decision? And what's the rookie nine's role in that...
mother of the tailed beasts(a Naruto fanfiction) by electricbluelove
mother of the tailed beasts(a Selena
a goddess the goddess of protection to be exact (i don't own Naruto or the original story line)
Roses {Kakashi Hatake} by crartistic
Roses {Kakashi Hatake}by There's no cure for being a c...
|Flower Series Book 1| Kobayashi Akahana was an ordinary shinobi from Konoha. Her love for flowers and happy-go-lucky attitude were the things she was recognised by. She...